Introduction to The Lost Queen; one nymph’s quest

by SiriusOryon

Now that I find myself here again in the Land of the Mortals, I know I must impart a glimpse of what I’ve seen in my journeys otherworldly.  Were it not for the curse of the veil, I would not dare to share such secrets with the mortal realm, but for the sake of worlds mortals know nothing of, including their own, I find I must.

You see, mortals have an enemy in common with the folk of the Enchanted Realms. The hands behind the woes of the mortal world, are the very same hands behind woes of the Enchanted Realms.  How can this be so you ask? Ah, that is a long story and it cannot be told so quickly. 

Over the course of time, I will tell the Story of the Land of Enchanted Timbers (otherwise known as The Lost Tales) and how that world is connected to the realm of mortals. It has everything to do with why I am here, but it is not the sort of thing one can just blurt out. It is a painstaking process to find ways to explain things that happen in the Enchanted Realms, because mortal language lacks so much, but I have found a way to relate these happenings to the mortal realm in a comprehensible form.

What I have to tell is what mortals would consider to be an ample amount of material to absorb. So I have broken the Story down into Chapters, or what mortals would refer to as ‘books.’ The Lost Tales have been locked inside this vault for quite a long while, and now some of the books are being released from the vault into the realm of the mortals.

Only seven of the books can be released at a time (because of the curse of the veil) and the first one of the seven is called ‘The Lost Queen.’ It is not the beginning of the story of the Enchanted Realms, but it is where I will begin telling the story, so that the realm of mortals may better understand while there is still a chance.

All is not lost just yet, but our respective worlds are in danger of peril. Dark forces are at play and are having a field day, wreaking havoc and using dark magic in a very subtle way. But do not dismay, if only you choose to listen to what I have to say, then you will know that there is a way to allay what has gone astray.

The first book of the vault’s releasing, The Lost Queen, will soon be within reach of all mortals to acquire, in the form of their choosing, should any mortal choose to find out what I have been chosen to tell. In the meantime, I will share some of the secrets from the vault that you will not find in The Lost Queen, but that are very much integral to the story of the Enchanted Lands…