A Pinch of Thyme

by SiriusOryon

Written somewhere among the scrolls of mortals is a saying “One day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day.”

This is a most romanticized notion for many mortals, but for those who believe, it hints at much more. Especially where Love is involved, because only when mortals experience falling in love, can they even begin to have an idea of what timelessness feels like.

On those special occasions in a mortal’s life, when they find themselves charmed by the likes of Cupid, a month with the one object of a mortal’s affection may seem like only minutes, while a minute without that very same love may feel like a million unbearable forever’s.

This is all to say that the mortal concept of Time does not align with the way things are perceived in the Enchanted Lands. Throughout my journeys between the Enchanted Lands and the Realm of the Mortals, I find it necessary to illustrate this phenomenon.

As I unfold the happenings of the Enchanted Lands to you in the book The Lost Queen, mortals must take note that these storied events did not occur along the linear, chronological, tangent known to mortals as Time.

Things do not happen in a linear fashion in the Enchanted Realms. Time is not measured by a ticking clock, but more rather by events that are related to other events. Time in the mortal realm is like a straight line, whereas time in the Enchanted Lands is like a ball of yarn.

For instance, in the early journeys of my travels to the Realm of the Mortals, there was once a land here rich in a particular type of herb useful to visitors from the Enchanted Realms.

This herb was used to keep our magic potent and our memory intact while we were here, so that upon our return to the Enchanted Lands, we would not find ourselves weakened and disoriented by the effects of the Veil.

But as the Dark forces manipulating our two worlds began to grow stronger, I found it increasingly difficult to obtain the particular herb in question, because upon each return visit, the land in the mortal realm had changed significantly. So much so that the place – or as you mortals now refer to your land- the continent on which this herb originally grew on is no more.

Not only had this continent, once abundant in herbs we visitors from the Enchanted Lands could use, disappeared, but there I found also that the mortal realm now had a moon as well. This did not bode well for inter-Realm travels.

Because once a moon appeared in the night sky of the mortal realm, mortal Time began to bleed into the realm of the Enchanted Lands, altering our realm entirely.

Things were rapidly changing in the realm of the mortals, while as yet back home in the Enchanted Lands, there was no corresponding event to alert us to this imbalance that was growing like a tumor between our respective worlds.

Had I not been continuing in my inter-dimensional travels, those of the Enchanted Lands would have been none the wiser to what the Dark forces were working in the Land of the Mortals.

On a particular visit to the mortal realm, I began asking certain mortals about where I could locate the herb, but the name I was calling the herb by had been antiquated, and the word had taken on an entirely new meaning to the mortals in question.

Instead of directing me to a grower of this herb when I asked about it, I found myself directed to a man who tinkered with metals. “Where might I find a pinch of Thyme?” I inquired. The man answered me “I can only sell you a Piece of Time here” and he displayed many trinkets of metal that he called Time Pieces.

I explained my quandary to the mortal and he exclaimed, “Oh, you mean Thyme, the spice!” And he laughed ruefully that I did not understand the difference between these two mortal words that sounded exactly the same.

My, how things had changed in the mortal realm, and yet, all appeared unchanged back in the Enchanted Lands. Entire continents had come and gone. Whole breeds of mortals disappeared and new breeds appeared in their place. The twisting of mortal tongues in speech had changed along with the new moon the mortals beheld in their night sky.

And mortal lives began to shorten to the point that I never again saw the same mortal twice upon return visits. And soon, there was little thyme I could find, because the seasons in which it could grow, had also grown short.

All of these changes took place over what mortals refer to as thousands of years in time, and all the while barely a season had dared to pass in the Enchanted Lands.

Time had overtaken Thyme and there seemed to be less and less of each. For the entire Time that spanned the many drastic changes of mortal experience, was but a pinch of Thyme to us Enchanted folk…an hour for an herb, a time for thyme.