The Veil

by SiriusOryon

To believe, or not to believe, that is the question. If you do not believe, does that make it untrue? Is existence dependant upon the subjective opinionated frailty of mortal minds?

This is the quandary of the Mortal Realm and what the Dark forces play on in their manipulation of the Veil. Time and time again, those of us residing on the Enchanted side of the Veil have come to the Realm of Mortals to make them aware.

Mortal scrolls have recorded these instances over and over again, yet and still, it is the way of mortals to deny what is not readily visible to the eye. Mortals cannot see Wind, but does that mean the Wind is not there?

The Veil came to be because of this very tendency in mortals. There was once a time, long forgotten by the mortal realm, when there was no Veil between the Enchanted Lands and the Realm of the Mortals. Creatures from each realm freely frequented the other realms and all was harmoniously intertwined.

Enter the Dark forces, which saw a weakness in the mortal realm that they could parlay into power over the Realm of the Mortals. This subsequent power that the Dark forces deceived their way into also began to have an effect on the Enchanted Realms, which in turn gave rise to the need for the Veil.

The Veil is a magic spell, cast by folk of the Enchanted Realms, which serves to protect the integrity of the different Realms from the degenerative effects caused by the Dark forces meddling with the Balance of Power.

It originally achieved this by cloaking the boundary between the Enchanted Realm and the Realm of the Mortals, thus restricting the once free flow of creatures from one side to the other. Only those who had been given the secret magic to open the Portal of the Veil could travel between the worlds.

At first, many mortals had the knowledge of this magic and freely traveled to the Enchanted Lands. But the Dark forces began using mortals to cast evil spells upon the folk of the Enchanted Lands, and thus mortals could no longer be trusted with Passage Rites.

I will not elaborate on the chaos that was caused by the necessity of the limitations placed upon mortals, for some of these details can be found in The Lost Queen and subsequent books, but I will tell you— that if a mortal wanted to visit the Enchanted Realms, they eventually could only get there via a one way ticket.

The Veil in its pre-corrupted state was soft, for lack of a better word. But over time the Dark spells cursed upon it, through the mortal prey of the Dark forces, caused the Veil to become hardened.

It is this hardening of the Veil that led to the loss of the mortal body in passing through it. Mortals who lose their bodies in transit cannot come back to the Mortal Realm (except under extremely special circumstances) in the same form that they were before they passed through it, but they can still send messages to other mortals from the Enchanted Realms.

The Veil can have an effect on these messages and the way they come through. A mortal on the Enchanted side of the Veil can ‘see’ the mortal they may attempt communication with, but most mortals do not ‘hear’ the messages because they are blind to the Veil’s existence.

What lies behind the Veil is just beyond the sight, right beneath the senses, just barely out of reach of the touch. It is sublime and surreal and that which you could almost feel. It draws you near and taunts you, but never lets you get quite close enough. It is there, like a fourth dimension, waiting for you to wrap you mind around it.

Many mortals think that they have gone mad when someone on the Enchanted side of the Veil sends them a message, and the Dark forces want mortals to be ignorant to the Veil’s presence in just this way. It allows the Dark forces to work wicked schemes when mortals are blind to the Veil.

Beware mortals; there is much around you that you do not see, though the Veil may blind thee. But for those who believe, magical gifts can be received, and those in the shadows can find thee…