The Land of Nod

by SiriusOryon

Dream a little dream, nice as it may seem, and dare to remember you are there

Free of care, into the Ether World you stare, nothing but your soul you wear


Naked of your body, caressing your earthly folly, as sorted images take form

Some from your life, others from the night, the fright of an otherworldly storm


You wake to find relief, thankful the nightmare was brief, shivering wet in your sheets

Only to remember, the dream was of December, the night you lost your love in grief


How can this be, a dream so full and complete, of a chance meeting with your sweet

The one you lost and would get back at all cost, but the waking world steals and cheats


Back to reality, smiles and formalities, all to pretend your life is grand

But behind the mask, your world is sinking fast, in the blinking twilight’s quicksand


You know he was there, for into his eyes you stared, but alas it was just a dream

Alone in your room, you remember his tomb, and call out for him with a horrid scream


But he doesn’t answer, your pain spreads like cancer, because you know that he is dead

A faint whisper in the dark, touches the pit of your heart, alas, it was all in your head


That is what everyone said, one must let go of the dead, for those who don’t are mad

But what if the dead hold on, remain when the body is gone, for love true once had?


Able to reach us, when our body is asleep thus, for then we can’t guard against them

Those on the other side, whose souls are quite alive, despite their bodies growing dim


It is a meeting place, a fleeting space, a glimpse of the beloved if only for a moment

To discard or retard it, or by craziness to regard it, is a recipe for the loneliest torment


To the unloving it is a myth, imagined by the mentally unfit, a belief in the strangely odd

But to the heart of the beloved, it’s a secret place to covet, a meeting in the Land of Nod