Iona’s Hope

by SiriusOryon

The Queen is lost, who shall find her?

Of our sorry state, this is a reminder

Governed by tyrants, traitors and fools

Unfairness, greed and favoritism rules

Where o’ where did they take our Queen?

It has been forever since she last was seen

Did she mean to vanish and abandon us so?

To find her is the only way to ever truly know

We ask and ask, but all turn us away

It is dubious to accept her absence as fate

Things were so good when the Queen was here

But the way things are now brings us to tears

Somebody knows, so why don’t they tell?

A pall is cast over us, a dark and ugly spell

We fell, the day our true Queen disappeared

Highly revered, what’s become of her is feared

Endeared by all enchanted creatures

The Queen brought out our best features

A wise and kind teacher, we could always reach her

Why do the nymphs act as if we don’t now need her?

Our natural leader, I plead her, to return to us

The dark ones ruling over the lands burn our trust

And turn our dreams to dust, return the Queen must

To restore the balance and harmony of our lands

It can be achieved, but only by the Queen’s hand

It is her inborn nature to keep the realms in proper order

What would she say if she came today to Crystal Orchard?

Would she be ashamed of what her nymph colony had become?

Would all of us be punished and publicly shunned?

Would the Dark Triad finally be exposed & done?

I must discover how our wonderful Queen was lost

Upon which the balance of the realms depends at all cost

I will find our lost Queen if it is the thing that kills me

Whatever is hiding you Queen, I promise to reveal thee

Be it some dark twisted force that binds you

Beloved Queen, Iona vows her life to find you