Love Interrupted

by SiriusOryon

Have you ever wondered if there is something amiss about love?

It always seems to come at some kind of price, or with some kind of condition, when deep in the heart, something argues that it should be free and painless. What gives with love?

Whether male or female, mortal relationships resemble a more “predator and prey” interplay, than a harmonious egalitarian meeting of the mind and heart in companionship.

The terms that are commonly used in reference to acquiring a mate are ‘catch’ ’bait’ ‘hook’ ‘snatch’ ‘snag’ and so forth. All of these terms are also used in hunting and fishing as well, with the process of actively finding a mate itself literally being coined fishing and hunting.

I would not want to eat, kill, or devour my potential companion, neither would I want that person to be deceived into being with me in anyway. I would want my mate(s) to choose me, voluntarily and deliberately of their own free will, as I would do of them.

When did love and companionship devolve into survival of the hungry hunter? When did supposed superior, intelligent beings decay into bestial slaves of a rhetorical ‘blood-lust’, resorting to trickery and deception to trap someone to eat? (Oops—I meant find someone to love)

One could even go so far as to say that the lost art of courtship has rather deteriorated into a state of predatory cannibalism—-no?

Well, there is a reason for all of this, or more say a cause behind this ‘corruption of the guild of love’.

This cause did not originate in the realm of mortals, but instead was seeded in the Enchanted Realms.

The book The Lost Queen reveals much of this to its reader, as you curious ones soon shall discover…