Why save the Queen?

by SiriusOryon

In the realm of mortals, Queens (who are a rarity) are chosen, more or less by the people, or the ruling body of the people.

In the enchanted realms, it is the Queen who chooses, and not the other way around.

To understand the importance of this, a mortal might have to look to some things that they all too often overlook—some very small things indeed.

Bees, Ants, and Termites are creatures that come into existence by way of a Queen. Not only is the Queen the reason for the origination of these families of creatures, but she is also the rhyme, for without her continued presence within the colony, the bees, ants, and termites cease to exist or maintain their lives, or order, or purpose.

Why is it important for these little creatures to be spawned and propagated and to maintain their order and purpose? Because these creatures are the invisible little workers that give mortals their food, medicine, and subsistence, for they are the custodians of the plant kingdom.

If the Queen disappears, the bees disappear, if the bees disappear, plants and flowers and trees disappear, if the plants, flowers and trees disappear, mortals and animals begin to disappear too.

In the mortal realm, a Queen elected or placed by other mortals, can abdicate from her position, die, or otherwise be removed, but the people of that land will still live on and continue their day to day lives.

A Queen in the mortal realm is like a figurehead or a symbol of an ideal–her affect upon her people is ephemeral and not literal or existential in any way, shape, or form.

However, a Queen in the Enchanted Realm is the axis of existence itself, the key to order, balance and purpose; without her, Enchanted folk cease to be.

This is why The Lost Queen is Iona’s raison d’etre—this is why she is willing to give her life at all costs to find Her before it is too late…