The Province of Crystal Orchard

by SiriusOryon

Crystal Orchard is the cryptic abode Iona finds herself growing up in and calling “home.”

A providence which resides well within the boundaries of the Land of Enchanted Timbers, Crystal Orchard is the place where the colony of nymphs with whom Iona is most familiar, all reside.

Nymphs being enchantresses magically gifted as keepers of the balance of all things natural, in both the Enchanted and Mortal realms, one might happen upon some peculiar sights if visiting from say the realm of mortals.

Mistresses of  magic, one of the first things that a mortal might observe while in Crystal Orchard is a nymph in the nude, with neither care, shame, nor alarm.

In the Enchanted Realms, weather is caused by magic, thus garments to protect from the elements are something that a nymph might not use or need, unless performing a particular spell of magic.

A mortal might also find many ornamentally decorated nymphs who do appear “clothed”, but it would more or less be considered decorations or adornments, rather than the mortal concept of covering, clothing or garments.

The things that mortals find themselves excited, alarmed, or perturbed by, a nymph in Crystal Orchard would not have a second thought about.

However, the Dark Forces & the Veil have caused “seepage” from the realm of mortals into the enchanted realms. This ‘seepage’ has darkened the minds of many enchanted creatures, namely the nymphs of Iona’s very own Crystal Orchard.

Inter-realm energy exchanges have a warping effect on all affected realms. Some of the chaos and disturbances happening in the enchanted realms have a mirror effect in the mortal realm.

Mortals see the effect of this in some of the changing tides of socially accepted behaviors. Whereas Iona experiences these energy imbalances as “persecution” from other nymphs for doing things that nymphs have always done.

Iona senses the subtle changes in her fellow nymphs, but they instead see her as the one who is changing or becoming strange (this is one of the effects the Veil—warped reciprocal interpretation).

Crystal Orchard gradually becomes a place that is more of a prison than a home to Iona, and that is what seeds her quest to find The Lost Queen