Valley of the Grove

by SiriusOryon

Iona escapes to the Valley of the Grove

Her secret pleasure and treasure trove

Fearless fetish, foolish and bold

To find what ghoulish spirits behold

Stolen moments in the cold

Courageous treks of the unknown

Light shone, seeds sown

Unwelcome at home

A struggle to find where one belongs

Invalidated identity screaming for recognition

Complex ideologies and empty traditions

Draining the essence in harsh conditions

Conflictions with inner self

Seeking the place where winners dwell

A sinner’s hell for convicted innocence

Contradicted insolence

A moment’s peace down in the Valley

A communion where the humble rally

Lowly creatures great and small

The Grove holds a place for them all

Nature’s silent call

Answered only by the needy

Ignored by the greedy

Seedy evolutions abound

Not in but all around

Crystal Orchard grounds

A haven found

A place safe and sound

Where none other dare goes

A magical river flows

Forbidden but not hidden

In the Valley of the Grove