The Forbidden Fruit

by SiriusOryon

Eat it and you will die

Is what they told her with a sigh

Though the truth they did deny

As they sanctioned the holy lie


What is death but a last breath

That in fear she obey the behest

When her very life they detest

A living hell to say the least at best


One caress of her tongue upon the fruit

Compelled her hungry desire for the truth

Which was somehow hidden in death aloof

Joyous release through sacrificial proof


Why is death then forbidden

If nothing behind its veil is hidden

When every posit in this life a given

Except innocent blood shed in contradiction


Fact or fiction? Only one way to surely know

What lies beyond the path that only the lonely go

Less traveled for fear, or sloth, or both

A secret buried in blood oath


Choke upon the lie, or swallow the truth that is scary?

Holding wisdom most high or folly of youth blind and merry?

Just barely alive to survive an existence of which her mind grew wary

Her choice made as  her teeth sink into the fruit of the poison Black Zodae Berry