The Vault of Lost Tales

Memoirs of an Enchanted Sojourner

Month: February, 2014

Tell a little Tale

The earth on which you stand is not stable

The history which you’ve been told is a mere fable

Soon the whole truth will be laid out on the table

And you will find that the Enchanted ones truly are able


Out of sight may mean out of mind

But there is magic afoot, however sublime

Ignore the tales that are older than time

Still they will like the stars align, to be quite true, you’ll soon find


No matter if you choose to believe or not

The timelessness of magic will never rot

Try as you may to bury it with all that you’ve got

The Enchanted ones will always foil the dark one’s plot


Mystery surrounds earth since its birth

And mortals revel in the unknown with mirth

Over time magic appears to be in dearth

But soon all will know the Enchanted ones’ worth

Enchanted Clay

There is no such thing as magic, so mortals say

But as you deny it, dear mortal, you are enchanted clay


Look to your science and see what you are made of

Your flesh is just like your ceramic cereal bowl, same stuff


There is no such thing as magic, so mortals say

But as you deny it, dear mortal, you are enchanted clay


Yet you walk and talk and live and breathe

While your ceramic cereal bowl is painted with leaves


There is no such thing as magic, so mortals say

But as you deny it, dear mortal, you are enchanted clay


You too can break and shatter, just like that ceramic cereal bowl

Your pieces cannot be put back together and your remnants grow cold


There is no such thing as magic, so mortals say

But as you deny it, dear mortal, you are enchanted clay


So how did you dear mortal, become enchanted?

When you are of the same earth in which your food is planted


There is no such thing as magic, so mortals say

But as you deny it, dear mortal, you are enchanted clay


If not enchanted clay dear mortal, then muddy water you are

For nearly most of you is made up of water, 75% by far


So maybe then again dear mortal, you might not be enchanted clay

You instead then are muddy water come alive, magic indeed I still dare say

A Mother Scorned, Magic Forlorn

Many a mortal may mumble mutsy’s concerning The Enchanted Lands

Against mortals Nature was not gutsy, swallowed by time’s ephemeral sands


Somewhat true and somewhat not true, and I will tell you why ‘til my face is blue


Yes there was magic and yes there still is magic, but much of it is now gone

Because mortals have killed all that was revealed, serving the dark forces strong


You see magic lived in the rivers, in the mountains, in the forests with all the trees

It twinkled in the stars, gave rides before cars and rode the backs of bumble bees


But mortals made a choice, against magic’s enchanted voice and sided with all sorceries

Alchemy, an insatiable greed birthed a monstrous seed, dark magic known as industries


All in the name of advancement, the magic of Nature never needed no enhancement


Advance to what? A cancer in the mortal gut? A money whore and gold digging slut?

Treacherous technology, burns all the books and anthology to put silicone in your butt


This the mortal prefers over the singing of beautiful but now extinct magical birds

And the mortal is a slave to his own treacherous words, off to the slaughter in herds


Mortal sorcery over Nature’s magical mysteries, have not you learned from your folly?

Absolutely not, mortals continue to multiply the rot, a disease killing the tree Holly


The mortal alchemist a sucker to his own selfishness and he cannot see the hell this is


Magic indeed again will return, rising from its own ashes the greedy mortal burned

Mother Nature spurned, mortals taking what they did not earn and refuse to ever learn


It would be sad if the defiance was not so bad, the Enchanted dead have all tears cried

Waste not want not ignored, Nature’s wrath mortals can’t afford, and alas She sighed


That which was killed must foot the bill for what it didn’t steal, this mortals cannot feel

But soon they will, the tomb unsealed, a fury toward mortal law, it shall be repealed


Don’t blame the magic for giving to the mortal the fruit of his reckless unyielding havoc

For he begged it true when he hunts the rabbit and bragged it himself a maverick


What goes around comes around; mortal’s ship runs aground on the shore a ghost town

It can’t see what surrounds, because it didn’t see the magic in the grounds it downed


That wasn’t gold you found in the ground, you didn’t hear the sound of magic frown

Greater than Nature is your fancy nomenclature; Magic will laugh at the mortal clown


What can you do

When your entire world is against you

And all seems rather impossible


When lies ring true

And attacks appear from the clear blue

And all that is wrong seems unstoppable


Do you turn back

Forget the reason the deck is stacked

And give up all hope on a solution


Will defeat fulfill lack

Is cowardice instead a humble pact

That will magically deliver retribution


This is what evil would have you think

Dare you to stare and yet blink

Growling angrily against your earnest passions


Defiling the water you drink

Dragging your wretched life to the brink

And taking false credit for your positive actions


Dilemmas and decisions

Errors and revisions

And no one else to join your fight


Rationed provisions

Which create fear and divisions

On your loneliest, coldest, darkest night


Damned regardless to your choice

Your only friend is the whisper of your own inner voice

This a torch only you can carry


No one to question or ask

No examples for how to complete the task

No handsome prince waiting to marry


The ugly reality and un-pretty truth

Your former life to remain aloof

Forward must you trek the unknown


The battle uncouth

Yourself the only troops

The innocence of your youth now gone