by SiriusOryon

What can you do

When your entire world is against you

And all seems rather impossible


When lies ring true

And attacks appear from the clear blue

And all that is wrong seems unstoppable


Do you turn back

Forget the reason the deck is stacked

And give up all hope on a solution


Will defeat fulfill lack

Is cowardice instead a humble pact

That will magically deliver retribution


This is what evil would have you think

Dare you to stare and yet blink

Growling angrily against your earnest passions


Defiling the water you drink

Dragging your wretched life to the brink

And taking false credit for your positive actions


Dilemmas and decisions

Errors and revisions

And no one else to join your fight


Rationed provisions

Which create fear and divisions

On your loneliest, coldest, darkest night


Damned regardless to your choice

Your only friend is the whisper of your own inner voice

This a torch only you can carry


No one to question or ask

No examples for how to complete the task

No handsome prince waiting to marry


The ugly reality and un-pretty truth

Your former life to remain aloof

Forward must you trek the unknown


The battle uncouth

Yourself the only troops

The innocence of your youth now gone