Tell a little Tale

by SiriusOryon

The earth on which you stand is not stable

The history which you’ve been told is a mere fable

Soon the whole truth will be laid out on the table

And you will find that the Enchanted ones truly are able


Out of sight may mean out of mind

But there is magic afoot, however sublime

Ignore the tales that are older than time

Still they will like the stars align, to be quite true, you’ll soon find


No matter if you choose to believe or not

The timelessness of magic will never rot

Try as you may to bury it with all that you’ve got

The Enchanted ones will always foil the dark one’s plot


Mystery surrounds earth since its birth

And mortals revel in the unknown with mirth

Over time magic appears to be in dearth

But soon all will know the Enchanted ones’ worth