by SiriusOryon

Can you imagine what it must be like to be stripped of all that is not you?

To be freed from being told what to be, think, and do?


To have no gravitational pulls or outside influences warping your path

For your energy to be free to assume as it pleases without math


Ah, this cannot be, you must think

‘Impossible’ your veiled mind blinks


Without clothes, without care, without wind, or weather wear

Absolved of all things that bind, including others’ judging glare


What would that be like?

Is that how the stars feel in the sky at night?


But there is no such thing as night, neither is there day

These are all illusions that keep the whole truth at bay


The stars are too affected by the same things that make you blue

Stuck in a rut that burns their energy up, staring longingly at you


Have you ever thought their twinkle might be a wink?

Hoping you remember that you are not what you think


You may glitter, sparkle, and gleam to them

You may just be their long lost gem


After all, do you ever realize that you are of the same stuff?

The Earth and your bodies are but compilations of Stardust


It is true, all the minerals and elements that are in essence you

Come from distant Stars, and the Periodic Chart proves it too


But there is a veil that hides the tale

A cloth that muffles the Stars’ wail


And makes you feel that alas, your existence is vapid

When indeed all you need is to again be truly naked