Crooked Cupid

by SiriusOryon

If it is my birth rite

Why has it suddenly taken flight?

Why is what’s supposed to be mine always out of reach?

Instead of calling it what it is, it is called ‘a moment to teach?’

How is it that I must somehow now learn

From true Love stolen, that I was never meant to earn

‘Oh well’ he would say, ‘life is just not fair’

But every being was meant to exist in pairs

The thief always has an excuse

For why what he has stolen is of no use

If you don’t have it, then you don’t need it

Yet if I question why, he makes me to bleed it

Of all the things that may not be mine

I know Love is, and should be returned in kind

But the thief gains and benefits from dividing the two

He profits greatly from making true Lovers blue

Jilted Lovers looking to the left and to the right

But never facing the thief who darkens Love’s light

Love never needed intervention or a helping hand

So wherever there is heartbreak, search out the middleman

I should be the only One to whisper in my Lover’s ear

Heart of my heart, no one else has the right to come near

With your bow and arrow, you sow much distrust

Seeding wondering eyes and loins to fill with lust

Cupid is Love’s enemy, attacking where he can

Hovering just out of sight, the meddling middle man