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Month: May, 2014

The Lost Queen

The Lost Queen

The long awaited fantasy novel by Sirius Oryon has finally arrived!

The Lost Queen is now available on Amazon for all to enjoy.

Follow the adventures of the magical nymph Iona through the Land of Enchanted Timbers and discover the magic.

Please do post your review of the book after reading it and share your experience!

You can click on the link above or the photo in the post below to begin your journey now! Enjoy!

Song of the Satyrs

The Satyrs have a song

A melody so very strong

A cry for a love now gone

Magic that was sorely wronged


To that love they still sing

Though no wedding nor a ring

A measure from a forlorn king

To a beloved lost queen


Its rhythm raps in the wind

Its harmony is a godsend

The key to a love within

A melody with no end


Love true, but now forbidden

Love stolen after it was given

Love’s sorrow loud but hidden

A wounded twisted rhapsodic ribbon


Listen to the silence without using your ears

A song will you find in the air riddled with tears

So enchanting it melts away the years

Which have come between the Satyr and the one whom he endears

The River of Sorrows

The ageless River of Sorrows

A place of forgotten tomorrow’s

The weep of the Weeping Hallows

Which turn the timbers into gallows


A haunting place

A daunting face

Of lifeless horrors

And frozen ardours


Sparkling flow turned rusty red

From one river of life to the river of dead

Darkness lies ahead

Until hungry mourning is fed


Too hurt to remember the pain

Blacked out the by embers of shame

Defenseless creatures slaughtered like game

At the behest of the heartless and vain


No one dares to revisit

The unburied tomb of the exquisite

Afraid to appeal the will of the illicit

Where cowardice makes one complicit


The trapped beloved away they wither

Bound by fear from there to hither

By takers who steal from those who are givers

This be the story of the Sorrowful River