The Vault of Lost Tales

Memoirs of an Enchanted Sojourner

Month: June, 2014


There is no hunger like that of the heart

For the only food it consumes is True Love

You cannot feed it through the eyes

The food of the mouth passes right through, heart untouched

Sensual satiation only masks the deeper hunger

Making it ever stronger

Stirring anxiously what is longed for

The heart only eats Love

It starves from all other consumption

There is no substitute

Any other sustenance leaves the heart mute

Regurgitating feigned emotions

Processed rehearsed emoticons

Bulimic convulsions

Almost doesn’t count

The virtual is just that, virtual

It never touches the heart’s hunger

Leaving it ever emptier

Emaciated by illusion

Torrential confusion

Raining down from a poisoned mind

There is only one fullness that the heart finds

And that is from Love

Ever True, Ever Real

The kind from which the heart takes its fill

Dining on ethereal energy meals

Only another heart can feed the hungry heart

Like attracts

Like satisfies

Like invigorates

The food that keeps on feeding

Never leaving the heart bleeding

But instills the rhythm of beating

Satisfying eternal needing

Heeding the same

Giving in its name


The only true food

Love is meat

Love is fruit

Love is sweet

Love is truth

The heart is the stomach of the Soul

And only Love can make it whole

Put a helping of it on the heart’s plate

The food that can only be fed by the mate

Familial Love can only go so far

After a certain point the heart will starve

Unquenched thirst

Without the mate’s heart it will burst

Love is the ultimate vitamin

Love is the ultimate medicine

Love is the true super food

The best antidepressant to lift the mood

Love is the heart’s hunger

Deprivation will cause its slumber

Starvation and drought plagues the land

Billions of hungry hearts buried in the sands

Of a time when Love is in drought

Dammed up by technology’s planted doubt

That it can substitute for the real thing

But only Love makes the heart sing

Hunger is not a game

No matter your diet

If Love is not the main course

Then you will die without it

Obesity is a sign of starvation

A symptom of the heart’s extreme deprivation

Victims of the tricks on Prospero’s island

Feed your heart

Let greed depart

Make room for Love

Or starvation will be your fate

Eat the food from heaven’s plate

Your heart has no time to wait

It is hungry


I am pregnant

Pregnant with the ghost of unrequited Love

It is a real condition in our realm

Love was conceived in my womb

But it never saw the Light of Day

Forever undelivered, forever carried

It bears heavy upon me

Faithfully haunts thee

For though the beloved has passed on

His Love remains behind

Irregardless to the passage of time

Patiently awaiting the day that it should be born

Our Love is just as stubborn as we were

It will depart from us not

The Spirit of this unsung Love is stronger than life

Stronger than death

Stronger than hope

Stronger than despair

It is otherworldly

I am become a haunted house

The place where his Love dwelled when he was felled

He does not know that he has passed

His spirit remains within the house of my heart

Ever searching me out from within

Never realizing he lost his own body and it is my body he is in

I Love Him

I did not know that he Loved me so

Until he lost his body and would not let me go

He hears me

He feels me

He knows me

He wants me

He has me

But he awaits my face

As his shining grace

Watching the dark moon

From the house of my womb

By our Love undeclared, we are haunted

If only we had told us

If only we had shown us

If only our ego hadn’t restrained the truth in our heart

Then he would not be trapped in the dark

Of the very womb he possesses

The Love our Soul now confesses

Because we did not say “I Love you

When we had the chance

I forgive him

Though I’ve outlived him

But have we forgiven our self

For not valuing the wealth

Of our precious life & health

So he thinks my Love and me the ghost

When it is I who am host

To the Spirit of the one who loved me most

But never showed or told

Now my womb & body he holds

Hostage of a displaced Soul

He will let no other Love near it

A fearless Love which Conquers All

Even from the grave

And I am in labor with it

Through the veil of death you father it still

With every breath our Love screams to be born

To be known

To be declared

Our secret haunts us both from either side

It will not let us rest

Love was never meant to be hidden

It will make itself known

What started off small has grown

It has crossed the barrier of the veil

It does kiss and tell

A haunting spell

Love deeper than the deepest well

With it my body swells

Where the spirit of Love indeed dwells

It pains to be delivered

It pains to be uncovered

Love cries to be born

From my haunted womb

The treasure of an unburied tomb

We have no escape

Love forever our fate

Lesson learned

Love lives in our heart still

No matter if it is beating or not

Love never forgot

On the veil it knocks

To be set free

By you and me

May magic deliver it

From the haunted womb


Magical Math

Two equals One, in magical equations

Wholeness is both, not an aberration

What mortals say is one, the magical say is half

The ways of mortal math cause a hearty laugh

The mortal ‘scientist’ deems himself oh so very smart

While yet he admits about so much he is in the dark

The mortal discovered a circle is 360 degrees

Yet he peeks through a lens with only 3 dimensions of these

The mortal is missing the 357 other pieces of the puzzle

Yet still can’t figure out why his knowledge is muffled by a muzzle

The mortal is so smart, yet so very dumb

Because he thinks himself superior for having an opposing thumb

Once the mortal is humbled and from his high horse he dismounts

Then and only then will he ever learn to truly count

He dismisses anything witch he cannot understand

Thinking himself a god when he is only a man

Labeling those who can see the magic fools and heretics

He will soon learn the folly of his own flawed arithmetic

THE LOST QUEEN—Opening of Chapter One

 The Dream


It was the end of the longest day of her life. Things that some nymphs had never experienced in a thousand years had all happened to Iona in one day. Her life had never been quite boring, but this day had been the king of them all.

 It had all begun with those surreal night visions that Iona had awakened from early that fateful morning. In the cryptic, prophetic dream, the Deities of the Great Merge Fecund Festival had turned into horrid dragons that were feeding on nymph cocoons. The faces of the young nymphs Shara, Byla and Liani had contorted from their usual youth and beauty into dried, prune-like carcasses. Satyr horns were growing from Iona’s abdomen. Her fingers kept turning into water lizards, and Elder Idella kept cutting them off, only to have them grow right back in place. A two-headed unicorn gave her six Black Zodae berries and whispered ominously, in simultaneous voices, “ You must eat them if you are to find the Lost Queen.”

Iona had woken from the dreams in a confounded sweat. She was so shaken by the warped visions that she got up from her sleeping pallet many ticks before the drying of the first morning dew. Unable to rest or eat, she dressed in her “wood wear” skins. She knew she would need to visit the Valley of the Grove later to think the strange dream through. She had slipped behind the nooks of the colony just before leaving Crystal Orchard for the Valley of the Grove to spend a quick tick in the counsel of Elder Nora.

Iona was one of the select few third-generation nymphs who knew about the secret tunnels that lay hidden behind the colony’s living quarters. Actually, she was the only third-generation nymph who knew about them. Some of the older nymphs had knowledge of the ancient hidden passageways of Crystal Orchard, but most of them rarely, if ever, used them, so their knowledge was theoretical at best.

Even many of the Elders themselves were unaware of the labyrinthine corridors that lead from their very dwellings to various places within the orchard and beyond. Iona, unlike the others, was not told about the passageways, but instead had discovered them by way of her own innate instinct for exploration . Elder Nora was the only one in the entire colony who knew that Iona not only knew about the secret passageways, but used them quite regularly. Especially for their very frequent and very secret meetings.

Elder Nora may not have been the Head of the Elder Council like Idella, but she was the eldest of all the council and one of the few who hadn’t turned on Iona. Iona wound her way along the secret tunnel to Elder Nora’s dwelling in a hurry and whistled the password at the entrance. With one hand Elder Nora opened the door to the narrow hole. She used her other hand to puff the smoking Juju leaf she had rolled up, now hanging loosely from the corner of her mouth. A cloud of thick blue smoke slapped Iona in the face like an acrid blanket as she choked and lowered herself onto the dwelling floor.

“’Bout time ya got here, little one. The slosh is gettin’ cold!” Elder Nora scolded, hovering over Iona while puffing on her Juju leaf. “ C’mon get up now and tell me all about it so’s I can send ya on errands before da ol’ bitties get here!” When Iona told her mentor about her whirling visions, Elder Nora scratched her chin thoughtfully and said, “Ate six Black Zodae berries, huh? One will do the trick easy, but six? Hmmm. . . that’s enough to kill half the orchard!” Elder Nora resumed toking on her smoking Juju leaf, as Iona went on about her dream.

Sounds t’me like ya got yerself a case o’ the Satyr scaries,” Elder Nora finally declared numbly.

Iona looked at Elder Nora, puzzled. “That’s it? Satyr scaries? That’s all you got for me? “ Iona snapped. “Come on, Elder Nora. You know there ain’t much that can scare me. But this is something deeper, more serious. I know it. I can feel it! And what. . . what does a ‘lost queen’ have to do with anything?” Iona shook her head ruefully and stared distantly into the floor.

Elder Nora raised a concerned eyebrow, then asked, “Who told you about the ‘Lost Queen’?”

Iona glanced up and replied, “I told you about the two-headed unicorn–”

Elder Nora sharply cut her off growling, “Now don’t imp around with me! I asked you who told you about the Lost Queen?!”

Recognizing that Elder Nora’s concern was severe, Iona said, “No one. I promise! I just told you everything I know. I need to know what this dream is trying to tell me.”

Elder Nora studied Iona carefully. She decided that the nymph was just as serious about interpreting her dream. Elder Nora sat the Juju leaf in its smoking dish and doused it with the remaining bit of slosh that was cooling in the bottom of her mug. She put her fingers to her temples and began to massage them in tiny little circles. “Well, traditionally the Black Zodae berries are used to ward off the Satyrs when they are in season, as you already know. And yes, they are very poisonous to us nymphs. And you say Satyr horns were growing through your tummy?” Elder Nora paused in deep contemplation before giving her opinion. “I think that it is a warning for you to stay out of the Valley of the Grove until the first budding of the Black Zodae. It may be that some Satyrs are going to attack you if you do.”

Circle of Pain



As I suffer

So suffer the birds and bees, rivers and trees

I am the ‘Mother’ in Mother Nature

The one who destroys cannot replace Her

In Her wrath he cannot face Her

But still he continues to destroy and rape Her

The great imposter, inhumane faker

Unforgiving taker

The air, the water, the fire, the earth

It is the Great Mother who gives them birth

In Love, joy, labor, and mirth

The destroyer cannot count Her worth

All living creatures are aspects of Her features

To study them all is to learn from the Teacher

In and of the Great Mother, all Nature is One

You have thoroughly scorned She whom you are from

There is an ultimate price for the evil that has been done

The Great Mother is not alone

For Nature is Her body, blood, and bones

Her Soul breathes in the wind that is blown

Foolish man, you bite the very hand that feeds you

Poison the very womb that nurtures and breeds you

The Great Mother Loves you, but doesn’t need you

For your heedless destruction there is no excuse

When you scorn the Mother, your life is of no use

Mother Nature gave you life and She will take it away

You ignore Her warnings and continue to disobey

You bring Her nothing but pain, death, disease, and dismay

She will not allow you to keep mistreating Her this way

Mother Nature is Mother and She has the final say

Rationalize your wickedness in your tiny little brain

Pretend it is you who has power of the elements and rain

Mislead Her children with the omnipotence you feign

But soon your deeds will return to you in the Circle of pain