Circle of Pain

by SiriusOryon



As I suffer

So suffer the birds and bees, rivers and trees

I am the ‘Mother’ in Mother Nature

The one who destroys cannot replace Her

In Her wrath he cannot face Her

But still he continues to destroy and rape Her

The great imposter, inhumane faker

Unforgiving taker

The air, the water, the fire, the earth

It is the Great Mother who gives them birth

In Love, joy, labor, and mirth

The destroyer cannot count Her worth

All living creatures are aspects of Her features

To study them all is to learn from the Teacher

In and of the Great Mother, all Nature is One

You have thoroughly scorned She whom you are from

There is an ultimate price for the evil that has been done

The Great Mother is not alone

For Nature is Her body, blood, and bones

Her Soul breathes in the wind that is blown

Foolish man, you bite the very hand that feeds you

Poison the very womb that nurtures and breeds you

The Great Mother Loves you, but doesn’t need you

For your heedless destruction there is no excuse

When you scorn the Mother, your life is of no use

Mother Nature gave you life and She will take it away

You ignore Her warnings and continue to disobey

You bring Her nothing but pain, death, disease, and dismay

She will not allow you to keep mistreating Her this way

Mother Nature is Mother and She has the final say

Rationalize your wickedness in your tiny little brain

Pretend it is you who has power of the elements and rain

Mislead Her children with the omnipotence you feign

But soon your deeds will return to you in the Circle of pain