Magical Math

by SiriusOryon

Two equals One, in magical equations

Wholeness is both, not an aberration

What mortals say is one, the magical say is half

The ways of mortal math cause a hearty laugh

The mortal ‘scientist’ deems himself oh so very smart

While yet he admits about so much he is in the dark

The mortal discovered a circle is 360 degrees

Yet he peeks through a lens with only 3 dimensions of these

The mortal is missing the 357 other pieces of the puzzle

Yet still can’t figure out why his knowledge is muffled by a muzzle

The mortal is so smart, yet so very dumb

Because he thinks himself superior for having an opposing thumb

Once the mortal is humbled and from his high horse he dismounts

Then and only then will he ever learn to truly count

He dismisses anything witch he cannot understand

Thinking himself a god when he is only a man

Labeling those who can see the magic fools and heretics

He will soon learn the folly of his own flawed arithmetic