by SiriusOryon

I am pregnant

Pregnant with the ghost of unrequited Love

It is a real condition in our realm

Love was conceived in my womb

But it never saw the Light of Day

Forever undelivered, forever carried

It bears heavy upon me

Faithfully haunts thee

For though the beloved has passed on

His Love remains behind

Irregardless to the passage of time

Patiently awaiting the day that it should be born

Our Love is just as stubborn as we were

It will depart from us not

The Spirit of this unsung Love is stronger than life

Stronger than death

Stronger than hope

Stronger than despair

It is otherworldly

I am become a haunted house

The place where his Love dwelled when he was felled

He does not know that he has passed

His spirit remains within the house of my heart

Ever searching me out from within

Never realizing he lost his own body and it is my body he is in

I Love Him

I did not know that he Loved me so

Until he lost his body and would not let me go

He hears me

He feels me

He knows me

He wants me

He has me

But he awaits my face

As his shining grace

Watching the dark moon

From the house of my womb

By our Love undeclared, we are haunted

If only we had told us

If only we had shown us

If only our ego hadn’t restrained the truth in our heart

Then he would not be trapped in the dark

Of the very womb he possesses

The Love our Soul now confesses

Because we did not say “I Love you

When we had the chance

I forgive him

Though I’ve outlived him

But have we forgiven our self

For not valuing the wealth

Of our precious life & health

So he thinks my Love and me the ghost

When it is I who am host

To the Spirit of the one who loved me most

But never showed or told

Now my womb & body he holds

Hostage of a displaced Soul

He will let no other Love near it

A fearless Love which Conquers All

Even from the grave

And I am in labor with it

Through the veil of death you father it still

With every breath our Love screams to be born

To be known

To be declared

Our secret haunts us both from either side

It will not let us rest

Love was never meant to be hidden

It will make itself known

What started off small has grown

It has crossed the barrier of the veil

It does kiss and tell

A haunting spell

Love deeper than the deepest well

With it my body swells

Where the spirit of Love indeed dwells

It pains to be delivered

It pains to be uncovered

Love cries to be born

From my haunted womb

The treasure of an unburied tomb

We have no escape

Love forever our fate

Lesson learned

Love lives in our heart still

No matter if it is beating or not

Love never forgot

On the veil it knocks

To be set free

By you and me

May magic deliver it

From the haunted womb