by SiriusOryon

There is no hunger like that of the heart

For the only food it consumes is True Love

You cannot feed it through the eyes

The food of the mouth passes right through, heart untouched

Sensual satiation only masks the deeper hunger

Making it ever stronger

Stirring anxiously what is longed for

The heart only eats Love

It starves from all other consumption

There is no substitute

Any other sustenance leaves the heart mute

Regurgitating feigned emotions

Processed rehearsed emoticons

Bulimic convulsions

Almost doesn’t count

The virtual is just that, virtual

It never touches the heart’s hunger

Leaving it ever emptier

Emaciated by illusion

Torrential confusion

Raining down from a poisoned mind

There is only one fullness that the heart finds

And that is from Love

Ever True, Ever Real

The kind from which the heart takes its fill

Dining on ethereal energy meals

Only another heart can feed the hungry heart

Like attracts

Like satisfies

Like invigorates

The food that keeps on feeding

Never leaving the heart bleeding

But instills the rhythm of beating

Satisfying eternal needing

Heeding the same

Giving in its name


The only true food

Love is meat

Love is fruit

Love is sweet

Love is truth

The heart is the stomach of the Soul

And only Love can make it whole

Put a helping of it on the heart’s plate

The food that can only be fed by the mate

Familial Love can only go so far

After a certain point the heart will starve

Unquenched thirst

Without the mate’s heart it will burst

Love is the ultimate vitamin

Love is the ultimate medicine

Love is the true super food

The best antidepressant to lift the mood

Love is the heart’s hunger

Deprivation will cause its slumber

Starvation and drought plagues the land

Billions of hungry hearts buried in the sands

Of a time when Love is in drought

Dammed up by technology’s planted doubt

That it can substitute for the real thing

But only Love makes the heart sing

Hunger is not a game

No matter your diet

If Love is not the main course

Then you will die without it

Obesity is a sign of starvation

A symptom of the heart’s extreme deprivation

Victims of the tricks on Prospero’s island

Feed your heart

Let greed depart

Make room for Love

Or starvation will be your fate

Eat the food from heaven’s plate

Your heart has no time to wait

It is hungry