by SiriusOryon

Who am I?

What am I?

Where am I?

Why am I?

When am I?

How am I?

Thoughts in my head

Whether alive or dead

I must screen through the voices

Inside my mind who offer me choices

Between different realities

Optional dimensional modalities

I hear these whispers, but cannot see them

Thoughts like flippers, in invisible seas I swim

Why do I not know from where I come?

And as to where I yet am headed, I am totally dumb

These eyes supposedly have given me vision

And yet I am blind to this life’s purpose and mission

This body more like an empty space or special room

Which my soul has been forced into, like a casket or tomb

My eyes like the goggles of a gamer’s virtual reality mask

I can’t see the others in the room for being put to virtual task

By the scene on screen before my so-called eyes

The crowd around me hoping I figure it out before losing all my lives

I hear them in my inner ear and in the whispers of my thoughts

Pining for me to somehow recall the fall in which I am caught

I am locked in a control room that outwardly appears as my body

But I hear the familiar inner cheers that jeer a construct so shoddy

The inner crowd roars when I defy the construct’s chores

Seeking an alternate route to dispute the game’s infinite scores

Neither failures nor achievements very much matter

The delusions of a game that makes you think you’re fatter

The mask is your eyes and it tells you many lies

Blinding you from all that you truly behold inside

A world not true, distracting you from the real you

Your reality ever virtual, no matter how much you ‘do

My eyes closed to the true room in which I really stand

Only able to hear the faint whispers of beloved who hold my hand

Conscious only in my coma, which I’ve come to believe is real

Unaware of how the beloved gathered around my hospital bed feel

Hoping each moment is the moment that I finally wake up

Take off my blinders and rise from this unconscious fake rut