The Jewel of Mother Nature

by SiriusOryon

There exists in this world a magical molten liquid Crystal

That can be caused to erupt by the cut of a knife, words, or pistol

After escaping its vessel it can become hardened and encrusted

If by violent means the vessel’s integrity is ultimately busted

Like all types of Crystal, this one carries many a memory

And can tell a story about its origin by its storage of energy

Mother Nature’s synergy changes its color from blue to red

As it cries out for the voice of those silenced among the dead

Precious is every drop, while still holding its liquid form

But if it escapes and hardens by ill means, then a new story is born

The Eye of Nature reads the energy from this hardened lava’s tale

And She makes changes in the Earth to balance its weight upon Her majestic scales

For it all is a part of Her being, gifted to every animated vessel of clay

The wasting of Her precious liquid gem She holds in scorn and dismay

No other than Her has the right to issue forth the red tide’s flood

Nature unleashes Her fury for spilling the gift of Her precious innocent blood