UFO’s=Unilateral Fierce Organisms

by SiriusOryon

The monsters have arrived, the aliens are already here

They hold positions high, wearing suits and mongering fear

They cause the innocent to die and draw destruction near

Their religion is the Lie and they hold thievery dear


Look to the sky and you see their mechanical birds and planes

They look just like you and I, but this is a deceptive game

They say they come in peace, but that word they defame

Herding humans like sheep and dividing beloved the same


They have destroyed the food supply and poisoned all the water

Stripped away our freedoms with false political fodder

Freezing all of our assets while saying the world is getting hotter

Destroying Mother Nature in the name of a bastard father


They say everyone is a terrorist while they commit the worst crimes

Steal the future from the youth and distort the truth of the times

Look no further than our overlords for alien invasion designs

Here you find the most malignant tumor, claiming to be benign