The Vault of Lost Tales

Memoirs of an Enchanted Sojourner

Month: August, 2014

The Door

I’m at the door

Threshold of forever more

It was not easy to get here

To refuse to be a hostage of fear

For though I want to know

Complacency does not want me to go

Take a step into whole truth

Leaving my past as moot

Life up until now has only been practice

A treasure hunt via my personal atlas

The inner map I was born with

Unseen truth more than myth

Once I enter there is no going back

Letting go of the false facade and act

Like death, but a change much greater

Expanding understanding beyond moon craters

Do I really want to know the truth?

It will cause my world to go ‘poof!’

Taking inventory I have not much to lose

But my freedom to gain and truth to prove

This door is hidden from sight and can only be sought

Invisible to the eye except when for freedom one fought

Though I’m here, I must still turn the knob and enter

Fully aware that the illusion of life will shatter and splinter

Nothing again will ever be the same

And I cannot go back the way I came

Thought it is said that truth is stranger than fiction

What lies behind this fateful door defies depiction

Fantastic descriptions few would dare to believe

Dwarfing the imagination of minds sorely deceived

Delighting the lonely and bereaved heart

Bringing an end to what never did start

So many corridors and hallways

The trap of a labyrinthine maze

The journey culminates at this door

To enter that which I have not seen before

The dawn of a new unknown

I’m ready for my mind to be blown

Something Amiss

There is something missing

Something that keeps us wishing

Something that belongs to us

But that is now gone from us

Something to do with where we come from and where we’re going

Where we are now and what we’ve been kept from knowing

It is unspoken and unwritten

Deep in our psyche hidden

Wisdom forbidden

But by whom?

Those who would condemn us to a tomb?

Why would anyone want to keep the truth from us?

Who benefits from our ignorance and blind trust?

Individuals die, but the system of bondage lives on

What kind of creature thrives on skull and bone?

Did Eve really eat that fruit?

Or was that allegory to keep us moot?

Because if she had, then we would know

How we got to this point, and where from here to go

Why would God want to torture his own creature so?

If we are in His image, why shouldn’t we live forever?

Why would the supreme creator need to be so cruel and clever?

This puzzle and its pieces do not fit together

Something is definitely missing from this story

And that which is deemed fact is actually allegory

We all know it; we all feel it deep in our hearts

What no money or fame can satisfy or impart

That mysterious void in the center of our being

A constant feeling that there is something we’re not seeing

Always agreeing with the lies we are told

The same lies that leave us lost and cold

Going in eternal circles, chasing our own ephemeral tail

No amount of knowledge enough to lift the veil

Something is missing

The one I should be kissing

I instead find myself dismissing

For reasons that defy my heart, I’m listing

Because “they” said I should

But do “they” mean me any “good”?

Why do so few rule so many?

Why is there scarcity when Nature provides plenty?

Why are we so afraid?

Of that which cannot be delayed

If death is our ultimate end

Why is it then that death only starts the cycle over again?

There are so many why’s, where does it all begin?

Like why is it that when a loved one dies, we can still feel our kin?

There are too many unanswered questions in this life

What we need to know is hidden from our sight

Answers to life’s questions must indeed be found

For until we have them, humanity will not ever be sound

There is no respect for a God that confounds

And condemns his own child to a place in the ground

We do not know what we truly do need to know

And we know that which we do not need to know

Something is indeed missing from this story

The truth of which refuses to be relegated to allegory