The Door

by SiriusOryon

I’m at the door

Threshold of forever more

It was not easy to get here

To refuse to be a hostage of fear

For though I want to know

Complacency does not want me to go

Take a step into whole truth

Leaving my past as moot

Life up until now has only been practice

A treasure hunt via my personal atlas

The inner map I was born with

Unseen truth more than myth

Once I enter there is no going back

Letting go of the false facade and act

Like death, but a change much greater

Expanding understanding beyond moon craters

Do I really want to know the truth?

It will cause my world to go ‘poof!’

Taking inventory I have not much to lose

But my freedom to gain and truth to prove

This door is hidden from sight and can only be sought

Invisible to the eye except when for freedom one fought

Though I’m here, I must still turn the knob and enter

Fully aware that the illusion of life will shatter and splinter

Nothing again will ever be the same

And I cannot go back the way I came

Thought it is said that truth is stranger than fiction

What lies behind this fateful door defies depiction

Fantastic descriptions few would dare to believe

Dwarfing the imagination of minds sorely deceived

Delighting the lonely and bereaved heart

Bringing an end to what never did start

So many corridors and hallways

The trap of a labyrinthine maze

The journey culminates at this door

To enter that which I have not seen before

The dawn of a new unknown

I’m ready for my mind to be blown