The Vault of Lost Tales

Memoirs of an Enchanted Sojourner

Month: September, 2014


“I think he is in love with me!” Says the pretty young maiden.

Impossible!” Her elder replies, “You are too young to know what love is.”

After the maiden is ordered to stay away from her young lover, he sneaks up to her window on moonlit nights, just to see her face and hear her whisper to him through the wind.

“I love him!” The young maiden exclaims when the elder catches the two young lovers at the window one night.

Impossible!” Yells the elder as the two are separated. “You have only seen this one boy and must meet more to know what you truly love.”

The elders send the young lad off to war and force the pretty young maiden into a marriage of their arrangement against her will.

Some time and a few children later, the young mother is found crying over a letter she has written. Her cruel husband discerns it is to her former lover and laughs in disdain as he scorns her.

“I have known you and ravaged you and you have born my children. You are not so pretty or young anymore and he has forgotten you! He will never see your letter!”

Impossible!” She cries inconsolably. “We are in love and he can never forget me!”

The passion in her eyes for her beloved burns her husband to his core, and in a fit of envious rage, he arranges to have her former lover murdered, soon after gaining the approval of her elder to do so.

Upon being told by one of the townspeople that her beloved has been killed, a blank stare comes over her face and she declares flatly “Impossible! I have just written him a letter and must wait to hear back from him!”

Unable to accept his death, she falls into a state of perpetual grief and mourning. Her husband further incensed by the humiliation of his wife’s undying affection for her deceased former lover, has her thrown into prison until she renounces the lover and the love she shares with him.

Some time passes and the husband questions the prison guard as to the condition of his wife’s surrender. Seeing to it that the prison sentence is very uncomfortable for her, he is shocked to learn of her continued defiance.

“She refuses to renounce him my lord.” Says the guard to the husband. “What?! Did you withhold food and water as I instructed?” The husband asks. “Yes,” the guard answers, “She has been eating pieces of the letter she wrote to the lad as her food.”

Impossible!” Her husband finally exclaims. “She has gone mad! If she thinks this silly young puppy love her only food, then she shall starve to death and meet him in the grave!”

After some more time passes, the guard returns to the cell of the woman, expecting her to be dead from starvation, and instead hears voices coming from her cell.

“I love you.” Says a passionate male voice. “Yes my love, as I love you.” Answers a female voice. “I knew you would come back for me someday. How did you find me beloved?” Asks the female voice. “I got your letter, and I came as soon as I could.” The male voice replies.

Impossible!” The incredulous guard thinks to himself, as he quickly runs to find the woman’s husband. When in exasperated breaths the guard recounts to the husband what he overheard, the husband responds in angry disbelief “IMPOSSIBLE!”

The guard and the husband briskly gather some men to surround the prison cell where the woman was held, to catch the man who had been heard inside with her in case he attempted escape.

Once they were sure all exits were secured, the husband, the guard, and a few men rushed into her cell with much force and weapons drawn.

What they found left their minds aghast. The only things inside the cell were some soiled clothing and a curious piece of paper with scribbled handwriting on it that was not the penmanship of the woman who was prisoner of that cell.

In a panic, the husband picked up the piece of paper and crumpled it into his pocket. He yelled for the men to find the escapees. They searched all the land but no trace of the woman or any other man was ever found.

Exhausted and bewildered, the husband defeated in his attempts to find his wife, finally pulled the little piece of paper from his pocket that was found in her empty prison cell and read it aloud.

“I got your letter and I came as soon as I could. How dare they say we are not in love? Keep us apart? Try as they may my love, all I can say to that is ‘Impossible!’”


The tides have turned and the times have changed

But your thoughts have not and rot has eaten your brains

Neanderthal calls and barbaric designs

Anachronistic ideals born of darker times

We don’t do that anymore nor say such ugly things

Putting down your fellow person only chaos brings

We’ve learned from our actions the effects that they cause

Yet in all this time your mind has failed to evolve

Advanced people do not hit, bomb, shoot, kill, steal, or destroy

Neither engage in name-calling, nor divisive poisonous ploys

Destroying Nature and defying Her order is a far cry from civilized

Regression is your progression, and like the dinosaur, will not survive

He who binds is bound and She who frees is free to tweak

Only a fool would take Nature’s kindness as a sign She is weak

She giveth you this precious life and She can easily take it away

Burying your archaic thoughts in the ground to be found another day

Frozen in time, your decrepit thinking is not up to date

A whole class of you to be immortalized in your folly as your fate

The future will dig up your bones, dust them off, and put them on display

He closed his mind and turned to stone” is what about you they will say

Because the branch that bends in the wind is the one that will not break

While the stiff-necked with no respect soon a fossil will they make


Mortals are not the thing, but instead, the image of the thing

A reflection of a projection of Light upon an eternal being


A negative of a positive that neither really exists nor lives

The play upon the eyes that smoke and mirrors give


Illusions delivered by the collusion of those devoid of Light

Blinding with darkness the very eyes once used for Sight


The colors you think you see and the feelings you think you feel

Nothing but demarcations of pixels on the photographer’s film reel


Seen not as I am

Image of a Hologram


Explanation for the dream state

This life is projected onto a plate


Revisiting the origin of the true Self

Finding that from home you never left


Where you really are is a place both near and far

This an imitation of Creation, fake Sun, Moon and Star


Mortal’s in a darkroom, spores like fungal bloom

Damp and dank in a tank, like a Polaroid doomed


Seen not as I am

Image of a Hologram


Flip the switch to witness the powers’ glitch

The Lights are already on despite shades of pitch


The umbrella of space but a prop on display

Make believe universe rotating a fake night and day


The whole world really is a theater and stage

Light show- run by a gaming hunter in a cage


Pull the plug on the machine to make the simulation stop

Peek at the film and find this whole life is photo-shopped


Seen not as I am

Image of a Hologram


Mortal technology is neither advanced nor new

One must see the bigger picture, change the view


This is like a movie, an imitation of life

As the reel turns it burns a play on Light


Actors in a greenroom, all wearing a green suit

A story scripted with edits like an airbrushed photo shoot


Lights, cameras, and actions, costumes, roles, glitz and glam

What you see is not reality, but the image of a hologram


Seen not as I am

Image of a Hologram


At the Mercy of Evil

Why does evil have so much power?

It reigns over our time, metering out hours

It controls us via force, but we profit none from its use

No way to overcome the global overlords’ abuse

Fight back and you are punished ever so brutally

Don’t fight at all and still suffer inhumane cruelty

Evil seems to inherit no consequence from its actions

Yet those with a conscience pay for even the tiniest infractions

What gives?

Why under evil are we forced to live?

Why is it that he who destroys the water also has control over it?

Why is it that he who claims to champion freedom indubitably smolders it?

Evil feigns to answer your sordid cries

But instead delivers a solution full of lies

It instructs you (under duress) as to how you must challenge its reign

“Do as I say, not as I do” is its double-standard claim to fame

A net-zero sum equation with choices that are nothing but false

No matter your choice, you still find yourself a slave to evil as boss

Your loss, damned if you do and damned if you don’t

Why is it that we must do the very thing which evil won’t?

Evil has skillfully coiled itself around all of our necessities

Forced us to pay what we don’t owe to a mess of thieves

Evil did not create the water, earth, air, trees, food, or fire

Yet we must pay its price for our birth-rite, extortion by a liar

No matter how we wriggle, we somehow end up at its mercy

An apathetic overlord displacing us wanting and thirsty

If we are peaceful we are sheep

If we react in violence we are a creep

At the end of the day, still, it is evil that gets its way

Why is this force so impossible for humanity to slay?

What is the point of being ‘good’ in the face of ‘evil’?

When the game is fixed in its favor and the reward so feeble

Remove its human figurehead and what do you get?

Evil still occupies the thrown at another puppet’s expense

People have come and gone throughout the ages

But evil remains, despite wise orders and gifted sages

Can some one please tell me what this plague is?

Where did it come from and how it keeps us in cages?

We don’t have to swallow it whole, only in part

But however much of it we let in makes us dark

Even if we think we are pure and totally evil-free

Evil always shows us our bondage to it, in gloating glee

How did it get here and how do we purge it, I someday hope to know

Because being at its mercy is not the way that I thought my life would go