At the Mercy of Evil

by SiriusOryon

Why does evil have so much power?

It reigns over our time, metering out hours

It controls us via force, but we profit none from its use

No way to overcome the global overlords’ abuse

Fight back and you are punished ever so brutally

Don’t fight at all and still suffer inhumane cruelty

Evil seems to inherit no consequence from its actions

Yet those with a conscience pay for even the tiniest infractions

What gives?

Why under evil are we forced to live?

Why is it that he who destroys the water also has control over it?

Why is it that he who claims to champion freedom indubitably smolders it?

Evil feigns to answer your sordid cries

But instead delivers a solution full of lies

It instructs you (under duress) as to how you must challenge its reign

“Do as I say, not as I do” is its double-standard claim to fame

A net-zero sum equation with choices that are nothing but false

No matter your choice, you still find yourself a slave to evil as boss

Your loss, damned if you do and damned if you don’t

Why is it that we must do the very thing which evil won’t?

Evil has skillfully coiled itself around all of our necessities

Forced us to pay what we don’t owe to a mess of thieves

Evil did not create the water, earth, air, trees, food, or fire

Yet we must pay its price for our birth-rite, extortion by a liar

No matter how we wriggle, we somehow end up at its mercy

An apathetic overlord displacing us wanting and thirsty

If we are peaceful we are sheep

If we react in violence we are a creep

At the end of the day, still, it is evil that gets its way

Why is this force so impossible for humanity to slay?

What is the point of being ‘good’ in the face of ‘evil’?

When the game is fixed in its favor and the reward so feeble

Remove its human figurehead and what do you get?

Evil still occupies the thrown at another puppet’s expense

People have come and gone throughout the ages

But evil remains, despite wise orders and gifted sages

Can some one please tell me what this plague is?

Where did it come from and how it keeps us in cages?

We don’t have to swallow it whole, only in part

But however much of it we let in makes us dark

Even if we think we are pure and totally evil-free

Evil always shows us our bondage to it, in gloating glee

How did it get here and how do we purge it, I someday hope to know

Because being at its mercy is not the way that I thought my life would go