by SiriusOryon

Mortals are not the thing, but instead, the image of the thing

A reflection of a projection of Light upon an eternal being


A negative of a positive that neither really exists nor lives

The play upon the eyes that smoke and mirrors give


Illusions delivered by the collusion of those devoid of Light

Blinding with darkness the very eyes once used for Sight


The colors you think you see and the feelings you think you feel

Nothing but demarcations of pixels on the photographer’s film reel


Seen not as I am

Image of a Hologram


Explanation for the dream state

This life is projected onto a plate


Revisiting the origin of the true Self

Finding that from home you never left


Where you really are is a place both near and far

This an imitation of Creation, fake Sun, Moon and Star


Mortal’s in a darkroom, spores like fungal bloom

Damp and dank in a tank, like a Polaroid doomed


Seen not as I am

Image of a Hologram


Flip the switch to witness the powers’ glitch

The Lights are already on despite shades of pitch


The umbrella of space but a prop on display

Make believe universe rotating a fake night and day


The whole world really is a theater and stage

Light show- run by a gaming hunter in a cage


Pull the plug on the machine to make the simulation stop

Peek at the film and find this whole life is photo-shopped


Seen not as I am

Image of a Hologram


Mortal technology is neither advanced nor new

One must see the bigger picture, change the view


This is like a movie, an imitation of life

As the reel turns it burns a play on Light


Actors in a greenroom, all wearing a green suit

A story scripted with edits like an airbrushed photo shoot


Lights, cameras, and actions, costumes, roles, glitz and glam

What you see is not reality, but the image of a hologram


Seen not as I am

Image of a Hologram