by SiriusOryon

The tides have turned and the times have changed

But your thoughts have not and rot has eaten your brains

Neanderthal calls and barbaric designs

Anachronistic ideals born of darker times

We don’t do that anymore nor say such ugly things

Putting down your fellow person only chaos brings

We’ve learned from our actions the effects that they cause

Yet in all this time your mind has failed to evolve

Advanced people do not hit, bomb, shoot, kill, steal, or destroy

Neither engage in name-calling, nor divisive poisonous ploys

Destroying Nature and defying Her order is a far cry from civilized

Regression is your progression, and like the dinosaur, will not survive

He who binds is bound and She who frees is free to tweak

Only a fool would take Nature’s kindness as a sign She is weak

She giveth you this precious life and She can easily take it away

Burying your archaic thoughts in the ground to be found another day

Frozen in time, your decrepit thinking is not up to date

A whole class of you to be immortalized in your folly as your fate

The future will dig up your bones, dust them off, and put them on display

He closed his mind and turned to stone” is what about you they will say

Because the branch that bends in the wind is the one that will not break

While the stiff-necked with no respect soon a fossil will they make