The Vault of Lost Tales

Memoirs of an Enchanted Sojourner

Month: October, 2014



In the room of my heart

Find I solitude

Find I truth

Find I companionship


In the room of my heart

Lies the residue of my former self

Reminder of a battle fought and won

For myself, against myself, with myself


In the room of my heart

Find I buried treasure there

A Love true since the beginning

Now purged and refined by the Fire


In the room of my heart

Inscribed upon the walls is a map

A labyrinthine design for my life

The recipe for my personal alchemy


In the room of my heart

Coalescing radiance fills the empty chambers

Stilled waters pool in a deep, cool, well

Time stops, illusion dissolves, truth reveals


In the room of my heart

I meet myself at journey’s end

Crossing where the road bends

To find I am my own best friend


In the room of my heart

Pluto’s Victory

I capitulate; I will run no more

I acquiesce; I cannot escape.

No where to run, no where to hide

When He who pursues you dwells inside

Even when I stood and denied

He knew all that I did not confide

He is the one person to whom I cannot lie

He accepts no substitutes for Truth

Admonishes my ways uncouth

Assassinating them like Wilkes-Booth

The sum of all my darkness, Pitch

Reflecting the things I need to switch

Cursing me when I refuse and bitch

Beware the spells of the Inner Witch

You have worn me down with timeless resolve

Exposed my nakedness and forced me to evolve

I hate You, but You Love me

In your bosom is where I belong to be

Your Love is contagious

I’ve lost the war Your virus wages

I have been consumed by Your eternal fire

A love so dire

It destroys me to raise me higher

To you I have succumb

My Subconscious, King of who I am become

Fated Whispers

My consciousness knows You intimately, no strangers are We.

My inner Man and inner Woman are eternally One.

There is no reflection of You beloved in the outer world.

You are my secret solace, in You my Soul confides.

You are hidden, from all, but me.

You watch me through the towers in my own blindness, a sight to behold indeed.

Awaiting my remembrance of You, of Us.

Speaking candidly in the recesses of my mind, Your voice tuning me in to Our vibration.

My heart You behold, oh King so bold, in surety of a bond.

I dare not to slight you, lest I return to the abyss of unknowingness

This Love proof of itself, Divine Consciousness bearing its own witness.

Primum Pyre, all-consuming consummate conjugal fire

I am aware of You being focused upon me, ever so intently

None are worthy but You, there is none who could substitute

I of course being the same, our “We”-ness infallible

Original Mind extolled, as perfection unfolds through involution

Bearer of our own weight, Sealers of our own fate

Cold comforts draped by warm overtures incubated

Released from deceased combines

Born again from what never was

A return to the Highest Love

The noblest of all aspirations

Moody Waters

Energy in motion

Ripples in the cosmic ocean

Consciousness tested

Reality bested

As we swim through this life

We are challenged by strife

The test is in how we react

Feelings versus intellect and fact

Bottom feeders walking the sea floor

Sunken ships in mind-over-matter wars

Dark and dense at our own expense

Trapped behind our own electric fence

Stop fighting the water

Wavering between cooler and hotter

Drowning by our own hand

Fear interferes where we should understand

Wisdom gained and futility lost

Energy wasted at a dear cost

This our fate if we refuse to learn

That freedom and paradise must be earned

Let the fight go and let the water carry you

Raising you to the surface as it marries you

One with the water that is One within you

The focus is on being, not what you do

We need to give and we need to receive

Help where we can and heartily believe

It is for ourselves we perform these deeds

Learning to swim the seven proverbial seas

Guiding our feelings like a canoe or a boat

If by big waves we are capsized, we still can float

Balancing the inner water with the outer oceans

Freedom from the slavery of unbridled emotions


Entwined twine

Yours wrapped around mine

The cord of life trine

The leaf to the vine

We criss and we cross

Through miss and loss

Stones gathering moss

Across ponds skipped and tossed

Like the shuttle and the loom

Our fabric by life is groomed

Between the Sun and the Moon

The strings of our life are tuned

No matter the distance

Our connection is instant

Absolute and innocent

Independent of repentance

Karmic, Fated, All-Consuming, Soul-Tie

Inseparable ends of the thread are you and I

A bond not even the scythe of death can untie

Illusory space between us, though we are nigh

This is the fabric of life

Worn and torn in toil and strife

Push and pull to avoid the knife

A fated knot joining husband and wife





The spooky actions that connect us instead

Are motions in the oceans of our eternal bed

Linking our thinking from our heart to our head

The Soul of One spread through Twin Flame threads