by SiriusOryon

Entwined twine

Yours wrapped around mine

The cord of life trine

The leaf to the vine

We criss and we cross

Through miss and loss

Stones gathering moss

Across ponds skipped and tossed

Like the shuttle and the loom

Our fabric by life is groomed

Between the Sun and the Moon

The strings of our life are tuned

No matter the distance

Our connection is instant

Absolute and innocent

Independent of repentance

Karmic, Fated, All-Consuming, Soul-Tie

Inseparable ends of the thread are you and I

A bond not even the scythe of death can untie

Illusory space between us, though we are nigh

This is the fabric of life

Worn and torn in toil and strife

Push and pull to avoid the knife

A fated knot joining husband and wife





The spooky actions that connect us instead

Are motions in the oceans of our eternal bed

Linking our thinking from our heart to our head

The Soul of One spread through Twin Flame threads