Moody Waters

by SiriusOryon

Energy in motion

Ripples in the cosmic ocean

Consciousness tested

Reality bested

As we swim through this life

We are challenged by strife

The test is in how we react

Feelings versus intellect and fact

Bottom feeders walking the sea floor

Sunken ships in mind-over-matter wars

Dark and dense at our own expense

Trapped behind our own electric fence

Stop fighting the water

Wavering between cooler and hotter

Drowning by our own hand

Fear interferes where we should understand

Wisdom gained and futility lost

Energy wasted at a dear cost

This our fate if we refuse to learn

That freedom and paradise must be earned

Let the fight go and let the water carry you

Raising you to the surface as it marries you

One with the water that is One within you

The focus is on being, not what you do

We need to give and we need to receive

Help where we can and heartily believe

It is for ourselves we perform these deeds

Learning to swim the seven proverbial seas

Guiding our feelings like a canoe or a boat

If by big waves we are capsized, we still can float

Balancing the inner water with the outer oceans

Freedom from the slavery of unbridled emotions