Fated Whispers

by SiriusOryon

My consciousness knows You intimately, no strangers are We.

My inner Man and inner Woman are eternally One.

There is no reflection of You beloved in the outer world.

You are my secret solace, in You my Soul confides.

You are hidden, from all, but me.

You watch me through the towers in my own blindness, a sight to behold indeed.

Awaiting my remembrance of You, of Us.

Speaking candidly in the recesses of my mind, Your voice tuning me in to Our vibration.

My heart You behold, oh King so bold, in surety of a bond.

I dare not to slight you, lest I return to the abyss of unknowingness

This Love proof of itself, Divine Consciousness bearing its own witness.

Primum Pyre, all-consuming consummate conjugal fire

I am aware of You being focused upon me, ever so intently

None are worthy but You, there is none who could substitute

I of course being the same, our “We”-ness infallible

Original Mind extolled, as perfection unfolds through involution

Bearer of our own weight, Sealers of our own fate

Cold comforts draped by warm overtures incubated

Released from deceased combines

Born again from what never was

A return to the Highest Love

The noblest of all aspirations