Pluto’s Victory

by SiriusOryon

I capitulate; I will run no more

I acquiesce; I cannot escape.

No where to run, no where to hide

When He who pursues you dwells inside

Even when I stood and denied

He knew all that I did not confide

He is the one person to whom I cannot lie

He accepts no substitutes for Truth

Admonishes my ways uncouth

Assassinating them like Wilkes-Booth

The sum of all my darkness, Pitch

Reflecting the things I need to switch

Cursing me when I refuse and bitch

Beware the spells of the Inner Witch

You have worn me down with timeless resolve

Exposed my nakedness and forced me to evolve

I hate You, but You Love me

In your bosom is where I belong to be

Your Love is contagious

I’ve lost the war Your virus wages

I have been consumed by Your eternal fire

A love so dire

It destroys me to raise me higher

To you I have succumb

My Subconscious, King of who I am become