“Impossible!” (Too)

by SiriusOryon

“I am going to make her my wife one day.” Says the young lad to his comrades, who mockingly laugh him off, answering him in turn.

Impossible! Her family will never let you have her!”

The young lad cringes at the words of his friends, knowing all the while that they are right; the family of his beloved has already barred him from seeing her, and his only glimpses of her majestic face come from stolen moments on moonlit midnights at her bedroom window.

The young lad sensing it would only be a matter of time before the elders learned of his forbidden trysts with the beautiful maiden, devises a plan for their escape from the village and sneaks up to her window one fateful night to share it with her.

The pretty young maiden giggles gleefully at hearing his witty plot for their elopement, blurting out in response “Impossible!” As they drown each other in loving laughter, knowing the elders would be utterly flummoxed by their escape.

Their joyous moment is ruined as they are ambushed by the elders, who surround the young lad beneath the maiden’s window in a flood of lights from the lanterns they are holding.

“We ordered you to stay away from her!” They angrily yell as they tackle the young lad and bind him to a horse. “Impossible!” He screams, as he struggles futilely against being dragged away from his beloved.

Gagged, bound, and blindfolded, the lad is forced on a long journey through the night on a bumpy ride strewn over the back of a horse. At first he thinks he is being taken home, but when the horse and the elders leading him do not stop after a while, the young lad gets nervous.

Sometime after daybreak, the party of elders stops. The young lad is unbound and freed from the horse, and when the blindfold is removed, he finds himself in the camp of the Army of the Land. He is forced to become a soldier or be killed.

The lad quickly rises in the ranks, becoming a valiant soldier and wise leader. One day he is ordered to lead a mission, which just so happens to pass through the very village where he and the young maiden lived.

While watering their horses, the lad inquires of the young maiden’s well-being and whereabouts to a local town’s person familiar with the both of them. The vendor tells the lad that his maiden has been married off and has mothered children.

Impossible!” The lad grunts furiously through clenched teeth. “She is mine and she loves me alone! How dare they!” The look in the lad’s eyes sends chills through the vendor’s spine.

The vendor then looks cautiously over his shoulder and leans in, whispering to the lad. “Word has it that she is unhappy and longs for you. Her husband has had her imprisoned until she renounces her love for you…”

A gleam of light then suddenly sparks in the lad’s eye, and he puts his arm around the vendor to shelter their conversation, as he asks one more question. “The husband paid my maiden’s elders a huge sum to take her as a wife, did he not?”

The vendor nods, then whispers back “And he has also put a bounty on your head to whomever brings you back dead.” The lad raises a brow and looks at the vendor as if to say ‘How much?” The vendor mumbles the amount of the bounty.

Impossible!” The lad quips, “He thinks he could have me killed for so little??? And by my own people???”

The lad then went into his pouch pocket in his saddle, and pulled out some gold coins, slightly more than the bounty on his head. He then scribbled a note and folded it up and carefully placed it and the gold coins in the vendor’s hand.

He cut off a lock of his own hair, sliced his finger, and drizzled a little of his own blood into the lock of hair. He instructed the vendor to take the bloody lock of hair back to the husband of his maiden and tell him that he killed the lad and to collect the bounty.

He tells the vendor that with the bounty he then would have enough gold to be able to pay a messenger to sneak his note into the cell where the maiden is being held. He arranges a time and place for the vendor to secretly meet him at a later date, with his maiden’s response to his note.

The vendor looks at the young lad and smiles admiringly at him, while shaking his head arduously from side to side. “You are Impossible my lad!”

The vendor laughs heartily to himself as the lad and his army trot away, and he then heads toward the estate of the husband who bought the lad’s pretty young maiden.

The husband became drunk with vain laughter at learning that the young lad was dead and paid the vendor the bounty as he had declared he would. He threw a huge banquet that night in celebration of the lad’s murder and after drinking too much wine, visits his wife’s prison cell to gloat.

The maiden becomes inconsolable. The husband leaves her in the cell and on his way out, instructs a guard to now withhold food and water until she renounces her love for the ‘dead’ lad.

Unbeknownst to the husband, this particular guard had been paid a shiny gold coin to deliver a message to the maiden, and to take a message from her in turn.

Wailing in a most grievous manner, the guard comes upon the mourning maiden and gently puts his hand on her shoulder, and then hands her the note from the lad.

The maiden looks up curiously at the guard through her tears, and he smiles and puts his finger up to his mouth, as if saying. “Shhhh, don’t say a word!”

The maiden quickly unfolds the paper and begins reading it insatiably. She looks up at the guard incredulously and whispers “Impossible!”

The guard smiles warmly upon her and then hands her a pencil and piece of paper to answer the lad’s note. Barely able to contain her joy, she answer’s the lad’s letter with a shaky hand as she pens her response, folds it up, and gives it back to the guard.

The guard sneaks the answer back to the vendor, who then meets the lad at the appointed place and time. After reading his maiden’s response, the lad assembles his army for a midnight raid upon the prison where she is being held.

Upon stealing her from the jail and paying off the guard who helped, the lad and his maiden ride off into the night accompanied by his army, and they escape the village, just as he promised her that fateful night when he was taken him from her window.

Once they cleared the outer limits of the village, the maiden said to the lad, “My Love, that husband told me you were dead and would never come back for me. He starved me for my Love for you.”

The lad laughs riotously. “Kill me? Keep me away from you my Love? Impossible!”

And they both laughed themselves to tears as they trotted away into their new lives together…

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