by SiriusOryon

There is a Love that is not grounded in the heart

Pure will of thought doomed before it ever starts

Hot air missing the key ingredient of the breath of life

Intellect projected instead of Love selected, skewed sight

Top-heavy influences and decapitated congruence’s

Headless horsemen blindly searching for lost nuances

What manner of Love is this,

That true color is sorely dismissed?

Disconnected kiss puckering up for sordid illusions

Resulting in unfounded affections cored in confusion

The head beholds the Knowledge of Good and Evil

But the heart is the Tree of Life eternal, grand and regal

One without the other is nothing but Love’s upheaval

Trumped by heart, the mind is stumped in dark attempts at retrieval

Medieval is the result of willful regression

Recoil of the head from the heart’s protection

Unnatural selection, out-of-order convection

Empty words of amorous chaotic inflections

Logic versus Intuition

Prevents Love from coming to fruition

Brainy loftiness aborting Love’s eventual birth

Rationalization stunting the growth of Love’s worth

Mental illness creating hysteria but justified as normal

Severed heads aloof from heart seeing only what is carnal

Electrical currents ungrounded surging fire through the grid

Shocking jolts of reckless power that devour even the little kids

Talking heads become walking dead eating the brains of the innocent

Zombie apocalypse that stop the lips and leave many hearts indolent

Impotent advances retarding the chances of ever having true Love

The heart never lies beneath the skies of the cloudy minds that think themselves above

Airy assumptions floating outside of Love’s true reality, virility feeble

Conceptions terminal and transient, consequences of a Love cerebral