The Vault of Lost Tales

Memoirs of an Enchanted Sojourner

Month: January, 2015

All My Children

I brought you into this world, and yes my dear children, I will take you out

If you do not heed, respect, and appreciate what the life I gave you is all about

I gave all my beloved children a spark of Me you see

And I will not allow any to treat that spark disgracefully

Lest you find you are unworthy of it

Prometheus stole fire and gave it to man

Zeus raped the Great Mother and stole the baby from Her Hand

All this was done at the behest of greedy seedy Zeus

The most rebellious son who put his own parents in a noose

Spark of mine has he, but of it he is utterly unworthy

Rebellious and defiant, the children are running amuck

Because his responsibilities father Uranus did shuck

Setting off a domino effect that destroyed My family

Decapitated by your futile rebelliousness, pure insanity

How dare the eldest make himself unworthy of Me!

The root of and to all evil begins with a lie

Which leads to death when it is My spark you deny

Taking credit for all the things that you did not do

And then saying that this chaos was not caused by you

Boy, Boy, Boy, Mother’s spark is not a toy!

Dropping from my sight, you are not Sirius

Turning My spark into a game that makes My children delirious

A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie, no matter how small or white

A little one still cuts the cord of life, only with a tinier knife

If you did not create it, you have not the right to abate it

Yes rebellious, fallen, dim One, you are my Son too

Firstborn is firstborn, no matter what you did or didn’t do

It is thus my job to illustrate My Laws & principles and instill them

I gave birth to all my children and it is only I who may kill them

Obey what I say, or I will from you take my Spark away

(Voice of Great Mother Goddess Almighty)

The 12th Luminary

The True (Lost) Sun


From this life there is definitely something missing, a link

To connect the dots of this great mystery is to change how you think

We are told lies in the name of history, religion, and science

But why would the truth require blind, docile, compliance?

If everything we’ve been told was absolutely true

Then this life would be perfect and nothing left to do

But deep within, we know that this just is not the case

Something is sorely missing from the story of this sordid place

What is Earth really and what is out in space?

Why does the Moon ever show only one side of its face?

If there was a big bang, what was its real cause?

And if there was a great flood, what was really involved?

The Moon wasn’t always here and there was once a brighter light

A Sun that shone so bright, its light was white and there was no night

All is not fun beneath this half time, two-faced, yellow sun

Every head has two eyes, so why does this head have only one?

There is a symmetry in the cosmos; all things come in two’s

So to say that one eye sees all is to leave the naïve confused

A bang and a flood, evolution from nothing, to water, to mud

But a pyramid is built to mathematical perfection ‘fore ever a cow chews cud

These things do not correlate

Except to a sun-god who masturbates

Without his twin to complete the pair

How can anything he ejaculates be fair?

Some once said that the entire universe circles the earth

What if that is the real truth, what would it say for our worth?

We would look inward to ourselves for the light of the heavens

But then that would hurt the profits of the liar spreading the leaven

What once was is now but a remnant of its former self

The truth is in a box, collecting dust, on a shelf

Anyone who truly wishes to know the Secret of the Mystery

Need look no further than the eyes can see for evidence of the true history

Because a mystery is really but a lie in the midst

Something which has been stolen that a lie cannot fix

All the pieces to the puzzle are here, but their order is unknown

A shell game played on the blind, but I find the answers right at home

Murder She smote, when this the mystery that they wrote

Felling the True Sun by making the evident occult

Darkness is but the absence of Light and exists not in and of its own

The lesser over the Greater is not how the seeds of life are sown

This is the improper order out of which chaos is grown

The child has no place in rule over the Mother

The true definition of adultery, something unnatural, other

Darkness be the cover that hides the True Bright Light

But nonetheless the 12th Luminary is here, just out of sight

You see it but you don’t see it, ‘cause the order is changed in your brain

Up is down and down is up, in is now out and out is now in, insane

Your vision has been skewed and your understanding cued to that of a marginal plane

If vision is but Light then all are blind by the yellow rays of a false sun not the same

This eye does not see all, yet it is all that you see


Duly dim is this sun to the Light of the 12th Luminary



Don Charisma


It’s recently come to my attention then a friend and fellow blogger has been permanently BANNED from Cushman’s blog HarsH ReaLiTy is going to be closed down shortly, which is a very sad end to an era of Jason doing so much for the WordPress community, and bringing NEW and PROGRESSIVE ideas into blogging. He is in blogging terms CHARISMA PERSONIFIED. Jason had this to say :

All blogging advice articles will be removed within 24 hours. The meet and greet threads will be removed by the end of next week. I appreciate everyone that has supported this website. –OM

Jason and I first came into contact when he invited me to join his “Project O”. I was pretty new to blogging at the time, and didn’t…

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The Fire in the Garden

The Garden is within

Unnatural thoughts kicked you out

Then they took on a life of their own

Because your thoughts are so strong

You are the Portal, You are heaven’s gate

The Fire is within

It is the spark igniting the heart

You must enter by the narrow gate

(Your own self; mind, emotions, spirit)

Once you went out of yourself, you became unclean

Your self defense mechanism was activated

To protect the pristine Garden from uncleanness

A Fire was raised around the Garden

To remove all impurities prior to re-entry

To protect you from your own self

The Fire is within you

You must pass through it

To get back to the Garden

The Garden within you

Heaven is within you

Hell is without you

Truth is the Fire

Your conscience holds the scroll

It is as the record told

In the book of life

If your actions are trife

Your journey will be plagued with strife

But when your heart is ripe

You are ready for the harvest

To pluck yourself from the tree of the world

And plant yourself back into the Garden

Cleansed, verified and purified

By the Fire

The burning bush

We’ve reached critical mass

Darkness is now a day of the past

Falling away of the caste

To reveal the true stars

Two who are

Righteous as the Lamb, bold as the Lion

Fire Cardinal

From inside the Garden


Law of the Land

The Land, like the landscape of the body, is alive, very very alive indeed.

People, plants, organisms and animals, like cells in the body, have a particular and unique function and purpose in the Land.

When people and animals are forcefully displaced from their ancestral Lands, it is akin to say cells of the bone marrow being forcefully displaced from within the bone into the blood stream, and then into an organ like the kidney, where cells from the bone marrow do not belong.

When dis-placement occurs, dis-ease sets in. All of the cells in the body have their place and purpose, but if those cells are out of place, their purpose is not established and harm occurs to the cells and to the body.

If the cells are not properly restored to the region/organ/function naturally intended by the body, then the body becomes ill and deteriorates.

And so it is with the Land. When peoples and animals of the Land of Earth are forcefully uprooted from their ancestral homelands, and/or are infiltrated and occupied by those who are not natives of said Lands, the equilibrium of the entire planet, ecosystem, and biosphere is malignantly disturbed.

Native people, plants, animals and species are electromagnetically synchronized to, in, and with the Land of their ancestry. To displace them is to disrupt Earth’s entire electromagnetic field, which thoroughly upsets the equilibrium of Nature and the planet at large.

This same effect is also perpetuated when the inherent resources of the Land itself, i.e. water, minerals, oils, etcetera is artificially extracted from the Land.

These acts are equivalent to sticking a needle into the gallbladder of a victim and extracting all of the bile from their liver, or blood from their veins, and then using the pigments from each to paint a wall, and yet have the audacity to suggest that the victim is ill of his/her own doing and that painting your wall a particular color is more important than the stolen life of the victim.


Since magnetic fields and light-wave energy are invisible to the naked eye, those who perpetrate such hostile, harmful and unnatural acts are clearly not natives of Nature, Earth, the ecosystem, or the biosphere, for if they were, they would clearly feel the ill of their actions in their own bodies and minds, and thus, such actions would be perceived as suicidal.

Since there is no conscience of these actions by those who perpetrate them, they clearly then are parasites to the body/planet/nature/land that they arbitrarily afflict; a fact illustrated by the inherent symbiosis between living things in nature demonstrated when it is in equilibrium with itself.

Since the Land/Earth/Nature is the body and the people, animals, plants, creatures etc. are its cells, the body does have a built in immune response to cleanse parasitism from itself.

This immune response is triggered by the invisible attributes of a maliciously disturbed electromagnetic field.

The body will find its equilibrium again, despite all of the dis-placement and dis-ease inflicted by the foreign entities, this is an absolute inevitability; The Law of the Land (according to Mother Nature).

The individual cells may not be able to combat the attack of the dis-placers (parasites), but the whole of the body can.

Through the electromagnetic field of the Land, the Earth is re-establishing Her equilibrium, invisible to the naked eye of the foreign entities that have upset it and continue to do so.

Who and what have been displaced are being re-placed and re-stored to their proper place and function within the body/land/nature/earth, to the demise of the foreign entities who have laid claim to that from which they did not originate, nor do they serve.

Earth will have the last laugh and Her children will be returned to their proper place in Her, regardless to whether or not the parasitic foreign entities acquiesce to their ill deeds or surrender what they have stolen.

Nature’s Law Trumps Man’s Law, without question, agreement, or negotiation, and any who defy Her have already committed suicide.

This is the Law of the Land and it predates the artificial law of man, period.

Hell hath no fury like Nature scorned; beware the bear robbed of Her cubs…