Law of the Land

by SiriusOryon

The Land, like the landscape of the body, is alive, very very alive indeed.

People, plants, organisms and animals, like cells in the body, have a particular and unique function and purpose in the Land.

When people and animals are forcefully displaced from their ancestral Lands, it is akin to say cells of the bone marrow being forcefully displaced from within the bone into the blood stream, and then into an organ like the kidney, where cells from the bone marrow do not belong.

When dis-placement occurs, dis-ease sets in. All of the cells in the body have their place and purpose, but if those cells are out of place, their purpose is not established and harm occurs to the cells and to the body.

If the cells are not properly restored to the region/organ/function naturally intended by the body, then the body becomes ill and deteriorates.

And so it is with the Land. When peoples and animals of the Land of Earth are forcefully uprooted from their ancestral homelands, and/or are infiltrated and occupied by those who are not natives of said Lands, the equilibrium of the entire planet, ecosystem, and biosphere is malignantly disturbed.

Native people, plants, animals and species are electromagnetically synchronized to, in, and with the Land of their ancestry. To displace them is to disrupt Earth’s entire electromagnetic field, which thoroughly upsets the equilibrium of Nature and the planet at large.

This same effect is also perpetuated when the inherent resources of the Land itself, i.e. water, minerals, oils, etcetera is artificially extracted from the Land.

These acts are equivalent to sticking a needle into the gallbladder of a victim and extracting all of the bile from their liver, or blood from their veins, and then using the pigments from each to paint a wall, and yet have the audacity to suggest that the victim is ill of his/her own doing and that painting your wall a particular color is more important than the stolen life of the victim.


Since magnetic fields and light-wave energy are invisible to the naked eye, those who perpetrate such hostile, harmful and unnatural acts are clearly not natives of Nature, Earth, the ecosystem, or the biosphere, for if they were, they would clearly feel the ill of their actions in their own bodies and minds, and thus, such actions would be perceived as suicidal.

Since there is no conscience of these actions by those who perpetrate them, they clearly then are parasites to the body/planet/nature/land that they arbitrarily afflict; a fact illustrated by the inherent symbiosis between living things in nature demonstrated when it is in equilibrium with itself.

Since the Land/Earth/Nature is the body and the people, animals, plants, creatures etc. are its cells, the body does have a built in immune response to cleanse parasitism from itself.

This immune response is triggered by the invisible attributes of a maliciously disturbed electromagnetic field.

The body will find its equilibrium again, despite all of the dis-placement and dis-ease inflicted by the foreign entities, this is an absolute inevitability; The Law of the Land (according to Mother Nature).

The individual cells may not be able to combat the attack of the dis-placers (parasites), but the whole of the body can.

Through the electromagnetic field of the Land, the Earth is re-establishing Her equilibrium, invisible to the naked eye of the foreign entities that have upset it and continue to do so.

Who and what have been displaced are being re-placed and re-stored to their proper place and function within the body/land/nature/earth, to the demise of the foreign entities who have laid claim to that from which they did not originate, nor do they serve.

Earth will have the last laugh and Her children will be returned to their proper place in Her, regardless to whether or not the parasitic foreign entities acquiesce to their ill deeds or surrender what they have stolen.

Nature’s Law Trumps Man’s Law, without question, agreement, or negotiation, and any who defy Her have already committed suicide.

This is the Law of the Land and it predates the artificial law of man, period.

Hell hath no fury like Nature scorned; beware the bear robbed of Her cubs…