The Fire in the Garden

by SiriusOryon

The Garden is within

Unnatural thoughts kicked you out

Then they took on a life of their own

Because your thoughts are so strong

You are the Portal, You are heaven’s gate

The Fire is within

It is the spark igniting the heart

You must enter by the narrow gate

(Your own self; mind, emotions, spirit)

Once you went out of yourself, you became unclean

Your self defense mechanism was activated

To protect the pristine Garden from uncleanness

A Fire was raised around the Garden

To remove all impurities prior to re-entry

To protect you from your own self

The Fire is within you

You must pass through it

To get back to the Garden

The Garden within you

Heaven is within you

Hell is without you

Truth is the Fire

Your conscience holds the scroll

It is as the record told

In the book of life

If your actions are trife

Your journey will be plagued with strife

But when your heart is ripe

You are ready for the harvest

To pluck yourself from the tree of the world

And plant yourself back into the Garden

Cleansed, verified and purified

By the Fire

The burning bush

We’ve reached critical mass

Darkness is now a day of the past

Falling away of the caste

To reveal the true stars

Two who are

Righteous as the Lamb, bold as the Lion

Fire Cardinal

From inside the Garden