The 12th Luminary

by SiriusOryon

The True (Lost) Sun


From this life there is definitely something missing, a link

To connect the dots of this great mystery is to change how you think

We are told lies in the name of history, religion, and science

But why would the truth require blind, docile, compliance?

If everything we’ve been told was absolutely true

Then this life would be perfect and nothing left to do

But deep within, we know that this just is not the case

Something is sorely missing from the story of this sordid place

What is Earth really and what is out in space?

Why does the Moon ever show only one side of its face?

If there was a big bang, what was its real cause?

And if there was a great flood, what was really involved?

The Moon wasn’t always here and there was once a brighter light

A Sun that shone so bright, its light was white and there was no night

All is not fun beneath this half time, two-faced, yellow sun

Every head has two eyes, so why does this head have only one?

There is a symmetry in the cosmos; all things come in two’s

So to say that one eye sees all is to leave the naïve confused

A bang and a flood, evolution from nothing, to water, to mud

But a pyramid is built to mathematical perfection ‘fore ever a cow chews cud

These things do not correlate

Except to a sun-god who masturbates

Without his twin to complete the pair

How can anything he ejaculates be fair?

Some once said that the entire universe circles the earth

What if that is the real truth, what would it say for our worth?

We would look inward to ourselves for the light of the heavens

But then that would hurt the profits of the liar spreading the leaven

What once was is now but a remnant of its former self

The truth is in a box, collecting dust, on a shelf

Anyone who truly wishes to know the Secret of the Mystery

Need look no further than the eyes can see for evidence of the true history

Because a mystery is really but a lie in the midst

Something which has been stolen that a lie cannot fix

All the pieces to the puzzle are here, but their order is unknown

A shell game played on the blind, but I find the answers right at home

Murder She smote, when this the mystery that they wrote

Felling the True Sun by making the evident occult

Darkness is but the absence of Light and exists not in and of its own

The lesser over the Greater is not how the seeds of life are sown

This is the improper order out of which chaos is grown

The child has no place in rule over the Mother

The true definition of adultery, something unnatural, other

Darkness be the cover that hides the True Bright Light

But nonetheless the 12th Luminary is here, just out of sight

You see it but you don’t see it, ‘cause the order is changed in your brain

Up is down and down is up, in is now out and out is now in, insane

Your vision has been skewed and your understanding cued to that of a marginal plane

If vision is but Light then all are blind by the yellow rays of a false sun not the same

This eye does not see all, yet it is all that you see


Duly dim is this sun to the Light of the 12th Luminary