All My Children

by SiriusOryon

I brought you into this world, and yes my dear children, I will take you out

If you do not heed, respect, and appreciate what the life I gave you is all about

I gave all my beloved children a spark of Me you see

And I will not allow any to treat that spark disgracefully

Lest you find you are unworthy of it

Prometheus stole fire and gave it to man

Zeus raped the Great Mother and stole the baby from Her Hand

All this was done at the behest of greedy seedy Zeus

The most rebellious son who put his own parents in a noose

Spark of mine has he, but of it he is utterly unworthy

Rebellious and defiant, the children are running amuck

Because his responsibilities father Uranus did shuck

Setting off a domino effect that destroyed My family

Decapitated by your futile rebelliousness, pure insanity

How dare the eldest make himself unworthy of Me!

The root of and to all evil begins with a lie

Which leads to death when it is My spark you deny

Taking credit for all the things that you did not do

And then saying that this chaos was not caused by you

Boy, Boy, Boy, Mother’s spark is not a toy!

Dropping from my sight, you are not Sirius

Turning My spark into a game that makes My children delirious

A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie, no matter how small or white

A little one still cuts the cord of life, only with a tinier knife

If you did not create it, you have not the right to abate it

Yes rebellious, fallen, dim One, you are my Son too

Firstborn is firstborn, no matter what you did or didn’t do

It is thus my job to illustrate My Laws & principles and instill them

I gave birth to all my children and it is only I who may kill them

Obey what I say, or I will from you take my Spark away

(Voice of Great Mother Goddess Almighty)