The Vault of Lost Tales

Memoirs of an Enchanted Sojourner

Month: February, 2015

Sälve 4 ‘X’

How does one solve the problem of a certain unknown?
By identifying the root of how the problem was first sown
To Un-know something means to forget what was once known
The clues are right under the nose, usually not too far from home
Trust that there is an answer and never give up on finding it
Then it will begin to show what it is that is actually blinding it
What in the world isX’?
The chromosome of the feminine Sex?
The spot where North & South meets East & West?
The axis of zero after which all else comes next?
Something taken out of proper order and context
How could one letter so simple be so complex?
Vexed for the solution to this veiled confusion
Only the truth can alleviate this logical bruisin’
Losing sight of the one thing in life that’s missing?
Then focus the light on what is in your face now sitting
By seeing what is actually there before your eyes
The absence of what is not will reveal its own disguise
There can be no relief until what was stolen by the thief
Is indeed retrieved in restoration of the omitted piece
The committed sheep will find the stolen of her flock
The burnt ram turned lamb hex marked with a spot
With this math I due plot the course of this mystery
By balancing the scales in the face of undue misery
When all cancels itself out on each side and there is only One remaining
Then my friend you have the ‘X’ you seek and there is no more complaining
This is the salve for ‘X’…

Mirror, Mirror

For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” -Anonymous

I remember as a kid watching old episodes of Scooby Doo

When the reflection in the mirror would echo movements just like you

But you knew that wasn’t you looking back from the mirror’s reflection

That creepy jeepy monster disguising his actions for his own protection

Well I’m all grown up now, and that monster in the mirror was me, after all

The skeleton in the closet of my subconscious, bouncing around like a basketball

I screamed bloody murder when the image in the magic mirror started haunting me

But it did exactly as I did, and showed me things about myself I didn’t want to see

How can this be?

So I hid and slid, ducked, dodged, and ran

Trying to escape the horror of my own self anyway I can

Broke a thousand mirrors, I didn’t care about the 7-year curse

I was my own bad luck, and this darned mirror only made it worse

But it was like into the looking glass I had fatefully fallen

The mirror changing my reflected form had come a callin’

It was pure magic all right

It heard my wishes that night

Been on the other side of that rabbit hole ever since

Bumping into my own self wherever I went

I have a billion names down here

And just as many faces, shapes and ears

I did not know that I was such a multi-faceted being

Both male and female, definitely a sight worth seeing

This magic mirror is truly something else

I finally now know my True, Whole, Self

This magic mirror goes by yet another familiar name

But since most don’t believe in it, they say I’m insane

“Fairylands and Wonderlands are schisms of your brain”

But now I’m happy and the nay Sayers are pained

The magic mirror is none other than Love, True

When we look into it, you see me and I see you

The same One, reflected in the perfection of Two

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

Please answer the Twin Flame’s call


I see you

Mirror, Mirror