Victory Swirl

by SiriusOryon

There is a taste in my mouth

So sweet, So Vintage

The Irony is perfection in itself

See there is this thing called persecution

It isn’t fair, but Life doesn’t care

So those of us un-spotted suffer for all

It ain’t because we should though

It is just because we do though

The good die young

Because the bad never want to

But they don’t mind someone else doing it though

Nonetheless, the taste of that sweet wine

Your own blood in your mouth

Because a familiar one’s heart went south

What a wine

So fine

But then refined

By the fire of covetous envy

Unwarranted, unjust, ‘frenemy

Or family

Or whatever principality or power

The spiritual host of wickedness occupies at the moment

It doesn’t matter

I still taste the blood

The true heart tested by conditional l.o.v.e.

The Un-because

I let it swirl voraciously in my mouth

Mmmmm, savory, sweet