Well Read, Well Bred

by SiriusOryon

I am amazed at the punctuality of ignorance

Its uncanny ability to puncture and wound the learned

Read not, Know not, Want knot

But dare you challenge the Same Red from which you were Bred?

Yes, fools rush in where Lion’s dare to tread

Cocked and loaded with zero info on their own ammo

Did you bother to check the shipping label?

Did you read the instructions?

Do you know the ingredients of your dough?

Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees

For they see not

Blinded by one little dot

A period


Following the letter of your law?

Got the code book in your back ass pocket?

You Socket Wrench You

Gideon’s Poo-Poo

Brown Turdy Doo-Doo

No Scooby Snacks for you

Pope’s Peter & Paul

Already called Saul

And he’s wearing a caul

Just Like old Bruce Wayne

That Familiar Orphaned Rich Pain

Who really killed his parents?

Funny how he ended up with all the Money

But doesn’t like the Taste of Honey


Is that you?

Your Star don’t shine too bright Boo

The Grand Dragon of DEFCON1

A Deaf Con with no won

You can’t win

Against your own Twin

O’ Mighty Dark Evil One

Well Red and Well Bread

Your just rising dough like Pillsbury

Sold us out for a bowl of porridge

Esau’s Tribe


Jacob’s Ladder

Follow the money

To Sunny Philly

That’s the Dilly

One True Pickle Tickle

Of wholesome Brotherly Love