Sawed-Off Shot Gun

by SiriusOryon

You’re a sawed-off Shot Gun

I’m a thirty-aught-six hollow-point tip

You hide under trench coats with your serial number filed away

I am licensed C.C.W. and registered with the NRA

Your nothing but a thug from the hood

Up to no good

Niggardly Bastard

I’m a Gang Starr, Real American Sniper Hazard

Your little wooden rabbit can’t stand the lick of my flames

I’m pure liquid Nitrogen, just warming up my game

I shoot in the Day Light, with Infrared vision at night

You ain’t nothing but Elmer Fudd, can’t do nothing right

Uh, What’s up Doc? Porky Pig winks…

That left turn @ Albuquerque threw you for one

The difference between military grade rifles & a sawed-off shot gun

I owe you One, Son