With all of the knowledge we have gathered, what do we really know?

Are we able to weather not only the highs, but also the inevitable low?

With all of the material things we’ve gathered, what do we really have?

In the face of strain, hardship or challenge, can we still find a way to laugh?

One day at a time

Life does Rhyme

Once you find the reason

Cause of it all sublime

We have within us the power of life

But the trick is to conquer inner strife

Nothing outside of us is greater than what is within

And upon realizing this, our new life begins

No matter the stage

No matter the age

Whatever we are going through is only a phase

As we pass through the universe, our trail ablaze

We cannot stop the journey, but we can learn to maneuver and fly

By getting in touch with who we truly are deep down inside

You will find nothing that happens really matters as much as it may seem

Because it is what you project from within that predicts your life’s theme