Truth Be Told

by SiriusOryon

We are all getting fat because our hearts are skinny

Love has grown cold in the hearts of many

Love is the nutrient that births us and keeps us alive

It is also the nutrient of which we are most deprived

There is an alien here who does not respect or appreciate Earth

They are a group of beings who look like people but honor not Nature’s worth

We all know who these abominable creatures are

And yet we let them destroy our home and Mother from afar

If Mother Earth is poisoned and dying, then so are we

How can we be OK with beings so destructive and dastardly?

We must love death and hate our every breath

Because with what evil we are allowing there will be nothing left

The end is near and we approach our biggest fear

Our hearts are starving from the lies we hold dear

Truth is food and Mother Nature is treated so very rude

Because her children hate Her and instead love the vipers brood

We have our own reward

We should’ve chosen Love over discord

What is Love? It is the beat Mother Nature keeps in our heart

It is Life itself and from Her we have grown apart

In Her we live, breath, sustain, and have our very being

Yet we kill Her, our life’s only host, without even seeing

That we are not separate entities but cells of Her One Body

And like cancer we have turned against the only one for which we should lobby

Our bodies are fat because our hearts are starving and growing cold

Mother Nature’s Light of Life dims in us, Truth Be Told