On My Terms

by SiriusOryon

Temptation has incessantly denied my deepest desires

But then turns to offer the very same in exchange for my bondage

Tired of going down that same old path, I decided to deny the very thing I was denied, which Temptation now offered, on its terms

Because I finally realized that what is mine, I cannot lose

And that whatever eludes me in taunting, I will never have

Thus, Desire is finally ended

I have realized the formulae of zero-sum equations

Desire is born of ignorance, lust, and fear

It is the tool of Temptation

As long as one is under its spell, both lack and gain are false

Desire gives Temptation the power to dictate other’s lives on its terms

Truth, in freeing me from desire, gives me the power to live life on my terms