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Circle of Pain

A Mother’s Day Reminder & Poem

The Vault of Lost Tales



As I suffer

So suffer the birds and bees, rivers and trees

I am the ‘Mother’ in Mother Nature

The one who destroys cannot replace Her

In Her wrath he cannot face Her

But still he continues to destroy and rape Her

The great imposter, inhumane faker

Unforgiving taker

The air, the water, the fire, the earth

It is the Great Mother who gives them birth

In Love, joy, labor, and mirth

The destroyer cannot count Her worth

All living creatures are aspects of Her features

To study them all is to learn from the Teacher

In and of the Great Mother, all Nature is One

You have thoroughly scorned She whom you are from

There is an ultimate price for the evil that has been done

The Great Mother is not alone

For Nature is Her body, blood, and bones

Her Soul breathes in the wind that…

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A Precious Treasure



Arise Osiris, Brother from the Dead
Awake to Your Lot and Stead
You Alone are King
Stuck in an awful dream
Breathe the steam of your Queen
Exhale, Inhale, Impale
The Lie upon your Hook and Flail
Fear not, We cannot Fail
Rise, O’ Brother

All That We Are

#It is the thought that counts#

Sorrows Have Taught Me


You Can’t Keep Away


What You See


First Chapters – The Lost Queen by Sirius Oryon

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today’s First Chapter is from The Lost Queen by fellow author Sirius Oryon.

Sirius lost queen e-coverDESCRIPTION

The Lost Queen follows Iona, a magical nymph, who is different from the other nymphs in the magical grove of Crystal Orchard. Conflict causes the Elders to exile Iona to the Valley of Grove. When she embarks on a search for the Lost Queen, she is forced to question everything that she was taught, as well as realize that the Lost Queen may be closer to her than she could ever imagine.


 The Dream

It was the end of the longest day of her life. Things that some nymphs had never experienced in a thousand years had all happened to Iona in one day. Her life had never been quite boring, but this day had been the king of them all.

It had all begun with those surreal night visions that Iona had awakened…

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